How to Airlift a Palm Out of Your Yard

We Have Lift Off

It started with a vision of our family splashing around in a pool, but where?

Our garden is far too small unless we take out the shed and the giant palm tree.

Last week we said goodbye to the shed, thanks to Mike! Progress! Let The Renovations Begin!

Today, a parent from Daniel’s handball took the palm tree!

He brought some friends with machinery, the neighborhood watched on as our tree made its way out of our yard, into the air, onto a the back of a large truck and eventually down the street.



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  1. Hi Joy! Miss you guys so much! Cannot wait until you visit us! Wine, pool, beach, food, should be fun! We leave for Barcelona Sunday, then home to Budapest for Easter break while renovations are being done in the house. The next few post will be on Barcelona and Budapest. When we come home it will be 2 weeks of full boar renovations, and then our rental should be up and running. May 16th is House Hunters episode date so keep your eyes peeled. I hope the kids look adorable.
    Anytime you feel like saying hi on the blog, feel free. I check it everyday, and love to have feedback.
    Hello to Phil too! xo

  2. Nice storyboard, Eva! Can’t wait to see the next one — when the pool goes in! I’m enjoying your photos and living a vicarious existence in the south of France, thanks to you! Keep it up! Joy

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