My Expat Life – HGTV House Hunters Renovations Edition in Capestang France

House Hunters International film crew
House Hunters International film crew

‘I thought reality TV would be the biggest success of my life, or the biggest mistake!’ Bethenny Frankel 

Have you seen these three culprits around Capestang? Meet Mat, Alicia and Noel, the House Hunters International film crew!

You might be wondering, what the hell is going on in our village with cameras everywhere! Rest assured it is just a little international promotions, sharing a house hunt on Home and Garden TV for North America. Leopard Films is a New York based production company who boast HHI having millions of loyal viewers, and an audience of 10,000,000 strong. North America’s obsession with other people’s house purchases, build a loyal following, that seems to grow with their offshoot programs; Renovations, Where Are They Now, On Vacation, Million Dollar Homes, Islands, Houseboat Hunters, RV, and Car Hunters.

To many, Europe has an allure, a captivating draw for those of us who come from large countries, where a five-hour flight will get you barely half way across.  In contrary, Europe, especially central Europe, gives access to short flights that will get you to a new country with different languages, traditions and cultures to explore. It is this diversity that appeals to wanderlusts, and makes a perfect home for travellers that get the itch to sightsee. Europe is the right amount of ‘interesting’, with convenient transportation outside of airports with efficient train systems and buses, walking and cycling paths, motorways and even ferries. France is well situated to make the most of European living.

France also does something else right. They preserve their culture through their government structure where change is often difficult, but the result is that France remains the same. And for the people who love rich culture, history, food, wine and miles of endless countryside; it can be an escape from the everyday rat race offering sanctuary in southern France.

The Burts Capestang HHI
The Burts Capestang HHI

Next, I’ll introduce you to David and Carolyn BURT, Americans searching the Languedoc for the perfect summer and eventual retirement home.

David finished his military career after 20 years to find a new rewarding career with a New York based airline in Operations Management, while Carolyn, 500 miles away in Maine took early retirement after a long spanning career in Product Marketing in the medical sonar industry.

Like many in modern times, finding love in this crazy world while juggling professions can often be a challenge. Nevertheless these two found each other through the #1 online dating site with a high success rate for marriages and long-term connections.

Two years ago, after three months of dating, they married. Both young fifty-somethings, their search ended in our picturesque traditional village nestled along the Canal du Midi.

House Hunters International Film in Capestang
House Hunters International Film in Capestang- Chateau des caresses

Chateau les Carresses hosted the filming crew and gave access around their grounds displaying our beautiful countryside.

You may remember House Hunters International TV Program visiting in 2012 to film our ‘Hamori’ family and our search for our dream life. That episode was called ‘Lucky in the Languedoc’. They return to Capestang to follow the dynamic BURT couple while they do the same. They travel from the cold East Coast of the United States of America to the much warmer Languedoc region. With help from their realtor Mathilde, they chose specifically in the southern tip of the Herault region of southern France for not only the great weather, but the close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.

“It really is the perfect location, close to Montpellier, Lyon, Beziers, Carcassonne, Toulouse which all have airports, perfect for a former pilot with flight privileges.

First big purchase together, they quickly decided their new community must be lively year round, and open to foreigners. The friendly people of Capestang sold the village for them; from the town baker, the neighbours next door, right down to the expats already living here. (I think they were talking about us, right?)

France Fluvial generously donate a boat for the HHI TV Program
France Fluvial generously donate a boat for the HHI TV Program

France Fluviale generously donated their newest addition to their fleet of rental houseboats, their Linssen 32 yacht to exhibit our port at its best on the extremely popular international TV show where syndication goes clear around the world. Alfonz had the honour of driving the cast and crew along the winding calm waters of the Canal du Midi. The sun was shining on that November day, and it warmed up to 18 degrees for us.

The Hamori's help out with filming from the water, boat donated by Neil, Port captain
The Hamori’s help out with filming; the electric boat was donated by Neil, Port captain in Capestang (Kayaks available)

The Burt’s are not only doing the 45 minute program about narrowing down home options out of three potential properties but also participate in the offshoot program called HHI Renovations. The premise of this show is to return four-six months later to reveal the newly renovated home. A GoPro camera is set in place after purchase, that will update viewers along the way until the house reaches completion. They divulge the story in its entirety sometime next year. So for now, we keep the location of the house a secret.

‘I look forward to exploring along the canal, walking and getting to know our new village and the people who live here. We are beginning a new adventure.’ Carolyn BURT

sunset from the Capestang house
sunset from the Capestang house
sunset from the Capestang house
sunset from the Capestang house

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  1. I am JERRY ALLEN BURT. My Burt men came from Newport, Vermont. My Dad was Roger Elwin Burt, his Dad was Jerry Arthur Burt. I was told there was a Carolyn Burt in our family.

    My grandfather was JERRY ARTHUR BURT – he was a train engineer out of Newport, VT.
    I was told we had a DAVID BURT and a CAROLYN BURT in our family, by my all time favorite person, my grandmother, Earla May (Mae?) Orcutt Burt.

    I’m wondering if you and I may be related ? No, I wont ask for money !! If you are into Astrology, I am a Gemini Sun and Moon, with SAG Rising.

    Wishing you both Peace and Light, Jerry Allen Burt, Plainfield, NH, 03781

  2. Yes, the square is definitely where everyone congregates. Come on a Sunday morning or Friday night, and you will find the regular fixtures in their allocated chairs, but also many tourists and neighbouring townsfolk come to enjoy the atmosphere. A few times a year the restaurant owners put on a music venue for us to enjoy for free, not to mention the July and August festivals both running a few days and bringing thousands to our village. Some of the best local musicians come to Capestang to party hard, and us locals get out and hang with tourists. It is very cool!


  4. Eva,
    Thanks for doing such a great job writing about this very exciting time in our lives!
    Everyday we love Capestang more and more and know we made the right decision to Call Capestang our home.


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