Crossing Paths with Fellow Expats with Kids

Striars in Capestang, expats with kids
Boston expats in Capestang
Striar Family
Thank you Striar Family!

The Striar family is off on their last European adventure to Greece, and then home to the USA after spending the last ten months travelling around Europe. Their purpose was to expose their children to new cultures and share a gap year with them, taking homeschooling to a new level.

Capestang was their central location and their temporary home while they journeyed off in different directions in Europe. Now it is time to pack it all up and go home, a sad moment after getting to know this dynamic family.

‘Travelling nonstop can be exhausting, like wondering around with perpetual jetlag.’ ‘The experience of course worth it, but it is time to get back to our own beds.’

Craving creature comforts on the road is something I often hear from long-term travelers. Using a home base in a central location like Capestang as the Striar family did, can fill that void.

Steve will go on to explore a few countries solo after Greece, before he reunites with his family in Massachusetts. He goes to places that the children have less interest in visiting. Instead of dragging them along, Steve gets to check out the museums and war monuments of Russia and Germany.

Sadly they will not be returning to Capestang.

We were lucky enough to spend the last few days together chatting about our travels, talking about our kids and saying our goodbyes.

It is great to meet a family with so many similar interests. We will always remember Steve, and how he heard us talking in the alley outside his home. In his Boston accent, he said, ‘It’s great to hear some English around here!’ I appreciate his spirit.

Jackson spent as much time with Angelina and Daniel before he left with his family this morning. The last few days the three could be seen scooting around Capestang on their scooters. Daniel is sad to see his little buddy leave.

Over at their rental home, we watched them pack up their clothes, souvenirs and personal items and squeeze what they could into their busting suitcases and whatever didn’t fit they donated to our family. It was good timing as we just moved into our new home and these sort of items take time to accumulate.

The last supper over at our place, Miranda, their middle child and only daughter, dressed Angelina up in different outfits and they played paparazzi. Jackson and Daniel were the bodyguards, playing with plastic weapons, which Daniel received from Gideon, the Striar’s oldest boy. The kids were in their glory and had us in stitches, as Angelina, my little diva, signed autographs for her fans. We shouted, we love you Angelina, good luck at the Oscars!

Our bookshelves are full of maps, books on Europe, and kids’ reading materials and our fridge is completely full of condiments, herbs and perishables.

I want to thank Steve for his amazing spice collection. It will take us years to go through them all, some we’ll try for the first time, others old favorites, and all a huge asset to the start-up of our Capestang kitchen. The big frying pan turns out to be great for deep fried chicken. Thank you so much for your generosity.

The kids are up stairs going through Jackson’s box of toys, and there are bags of clothes sitting behind me waiting for sortation. Anything we cannot use will be donated to families close to us, nothing will go to waste, and we will find a home for the riding boots, I promise.

Striar family, you will be missed! And if any of your kids want to come back for a visit or some French lessons, sent them my way.

I hope our paths cross again. À bientôt!


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