Canadian Expats are Lucky to be on Popular House & Garden Show, House Hunters International searching for new life again

filming TV in southern France
House Hunters International film crew

I am asked, ‘Why House Hunters International? Why would anyone subject themselves to reality TV?’

‘Why Not?’ Is a better question.

Life opens up amazing paths to different experiences. If you open your mind to all possibilities your opportunities are endless!

I never say no to a new experience because I believe they present themselves for a reason; most likely to learn from.

‘It is already written.’

And I am supposed to go. Those unexpected experiences have brought me such deep satisfaction to my life; moving outside my own comforts to try things I never would have thought to try otherwise.

A few things that fate has brought my way are: the kid’s Montessori program when they were small, moving to France, selling our home, buying another, municipal council in Capestang, blogging and creating a blog, Expat Expert commercial, singing in a band, writing for different magazines, group power instructor, and TV and radio shows, and even becoming a teacher. These things came to me and without thinking I said yes, even if my inner voice said, ‘Are you serious!’

We are our biggest obstacle in life, feeling that we are never quite good enough for this or that, that someone is obviously better for the job but the truth is, like with most things, people don’t try new things. Not because they are unable but because society says you must go to school for that, or you must become an expert before throwing your hat in the ring.

Here’s the secret. Someone will always be better at it than you.

Although there will always be someone prettier, smarter and with more experience; things like perseverance and determination doesn’t exist in everyone. So I say be open and let the new things come to you, and seize the moment when they do.

Common sense says, that if you can do it, you should do it! And we know if we can do something, right? Image yourself for a moment doing something you always wanted, you can almost feel it is real. I think we get that feeling because we already have the ability. 

Also there is blatant self-promotion

After all we have a blog and a business to promote and exposure is exposure.

With homestay being a brand new concept in Hungary we have to try to get the word out that we are here and ready to teach students.

We also want to share what we love about Budapest and blast some of those terrible stereotypes out of the water. Hungary is diverse, metropolitan with some of the best ballets, museums, musicians, operas, theatres, restaurants and activities in the world. Thermal baths, adventure parks, giant lakes, wine, cycle friendly, historical, traditional but above all trés beautiful.

Back in Capestang we took one day for filming our back story for the TV show House Hunters International, to show our starting point for the next leg of our adventure being Canadian expats in Europe.

It will be the third time covering our life story since moving to Europe in 2011, in 2013 we shared our renovation project in southern France on our villa in the episode called House Hunters International, Where Are They Now?

Again in 2015, Carolyne and David Burt bought and renovated a house in Capestang when I worked for the town hall in Capestang and I managed the publicity of our village sharing all the best features on international TV. Alfonz and I were also lucky enough to participate in that episode too. There was also a renovation offshoot show!

And here we go again in 2017 sharing our move from Capestang France to Budapest Hungary; selling our villa, searching for a home in Budapest near the French private school and also starting a business and finding steady work as an ESL teacher.

The first meal on set! Lunch at Le Grille in Capestang. Lamb chops! yummy!

The weather was perfect in the morning, location ready for filming our little backstory.

Eva HAMORI getting ready for TV, Hair √ Make-up √

What to wear on TV can be a tough one, especially for 40 somethings like myself. Terrible at shopping, Angelina took me to Zara and H&M to buy a few cute outfits and shoes, the hairdresser cut and coloured my hair in the tie dye style, and my nail lady did my manicure in an adorable natural pink shade that has lasted weeks. I am so happy to have the help!

Sunday am in Capestang we woke up early to start a day with cameraman Mike, sound guy Chris and director/producer Claire all from the HHI London offices.

We started in the market square buying fruit and veggies, and scarves for souvenirs of our time in France. We then had a cafe and local pastries from the Au Palais Des Saveurs and talked about all the things we will miss about Capestang. The list was very long.

Then we took the family for a nice drive through Capestang along the canal using GoPro cameras, down the tree lined streets and talked about how much we love our little French village.

Then we spend some time in the garden and they interviewed all the reasons why move from France to Hungary.

cameraman extraordinaire – Mike
The lovely Claire, director, producer HHI London visiting our village of Capestang

We pick up the story in Hungary later this week showing our house options and which one we will pick.

We will show the world all the best places to visit in Budapest and the surrounding areas, including hikes and activities.

I hope North America falls in love with Budapest like so many others before!

Can’t wait to share our new expat story with all of you! From Vancouver Canada, to Capestang France and now Budapest Hungary! Let the adventure continue!

Stay tuned for airing times, coming soon to a TV near you!

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