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Montady Cheese
Montady Cheeses

Francois & Carole Gauffre own La Compagnie Des Fromagers, the specialty cheese shop where they hand select each product from the best producers throughout France.

In the direction of Beziers after Montady is a roundabout. Take your third exit and turn into the industrial block, and at the end you will see three wooden cut outs; a cow, a goat and a sheep. La Compagnie Des Fromagers is the best place around or near Capestang for quality cheeses at a reasonable price.

We stumbled upon this purely by accident, bought a cheese platter for a party and have made it a regular stop ever since. Surprised at how many people in Capestang have no idea the store actually exists, we wanted to introduce you.

Their cheese selection is from the classification of ‘Fermier’ and ‘Artisan’ varieties. Fermier cheese is produced on very small farms, using their own milk. Artisanal cheeses are from farmers who make small batches using mostly their own milk but also buy milk from the region they live in.

These are not the mass produced varieties, cooperative or industrial, that you may find at the Intermarche or Giant stores, but the organic high quality products France is famous for.

What the Gauffre family has done is put pride back into what they sell and go to the different farms to sample many products of the region, finding the very best for you. It gives the people in and around Montady a choice to choose the best and at a good price.

They also do wholesale. Many people buy their products for resale out of cheese trucks and to use in their fine restaurants.

Alfonz at South-Westy Tours has added La Compagnie Des Fromagers to their wine tours. A natural addition to the triangle of wine, bread and cheese. He has added this on to the Olive Garden tour, starting with the Olive factory, then the cheese store and ending with wine tasting at a local vineyard.

Bon Appetite!

Montady Cheese SHhop
Montady Cheese Shop

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Montady Cheese Shop
Montady Cheese Shop


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  1. It really is a great tour! <3
    Mom loved the foggy olive oil, the foggier the better and it had a rich vegetable taste. The big olives that tasted like mushrooms, was almost a meal in itself. So good!


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