French TO DO List


Planning our life in France, we made a simple list and followed it to the letter until our day of departure, ticking off the completely tasks. First Came The Plan


The last part of our story, moving to France, is knowing we are up and running and welcome our first visitors in our rental apartment or our first customer for our newly established business. Then, and only then will we know that we have arrived at our new destination. With our life set up for a small family business that allows us to live our life based on ‘Time Currency’, the principle that brought us here.

Here is our French TO DO List

  1. Buy a house ? February 2012
  2. Set up the rental apartment?July 2012
  3. Set up the Business Website? Add more photos?July2012
  4. Set up Medical – Apply after business set up under self-employment? July 2013
  5. Accountant -Business Plan – Register Business? November 2012
  6. Website for Rental Apartment?June 2012
  7. Set up Telephone, Cable and Internet ? February 2012
  8. House Renovations – Pool – En-suite -Apartment -Kitchen?June 2012
  9. Set up House -Furniture?February 2012
I was printing some sheets off for our book, and noticed that we still do not have MEDICAL I find that very typical to the stereotype of the French bureaucratic system.
Happy to say that finally the last tick has made it off our list!


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  1. Oh god the progress is going slowly on our to do list. Where is my post on patience, they say it is virtue. One I do not have. I AM OFFICIALLY OUT OF PATIENCE!!

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