Rainy Day Departure

vancouver traffic and rain
Monday first few days

June 18th the day Alfonz left on his journey was lightly raining and full of anticipation.

Geared up and ready to ride, the kids wave goodbye to their daddy as he takes off down the street.
The kids each have had their moments since this day. Little breakdowns, when they realize, hey dads not here? In turn, usually around bedtime or first thing in the morning, each have felt sadness not seeing their daddy for over a week. They miss him.
I wrote this for them, as a reminder of the day daddy left, everyone smiling, daddy so happy to start his adventure towards Alaska, one that he had been dreaming to do for over a year.
Everyone has dreams to fulfil, I say, and some take us away from each other. Our job is to support him.
Imagine how long life would be if it were dictated by your spouses judgment alone, not aloud to do anything that didn’t include them, and had to ask them permission for every move you make.
I happen to have married a man that would never say my dreams are crazy, but instead says, if it is that important we will make it happen!
As his best friend, and wife, my job is to s. Why would I lecture him on the motor bike fatalities, or the dangers of riding, he has a mother for that!
That’s Hamori

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