Market Day Capestang France

roasted chicken Capestang

Market Day, Capestang

Rain or shine the people come in droves with satchel in hand to fill at the market. On Wednesday and Sunday’s, located in the town square, the market has a full range of fresh products, and cooked foods, as well as odds and ends to offer visitors a wide range of shopping needs.

People from the neighboring villages fill this square, and the regular Capestang residents know them well, as this is the biggest market in the area.

Today we sampled the shrimp lettuce rolls from the Chinese Food van, bought a roasted chicken with potatoes for dinner, and fruits and veggies for the week ahead.

The delicatessen had loads of salamis, headcheese and fresh cheeses. We bought beautiful creamy Brie and a dried hearty sausage to try. An old couple sold walnuts out of their trunk, and they were so cute we bought a bag full. We stopped off at the bakery again to buy our daily bread (and forgive our trespasses), and sampled their chorizo sausage bread that didn’t make it home.

Rounded out with a florist selling beautiful fresh cut bouquets, a knickknack, 2x clothing, 2x jewelry, 2x roast chicken and 2x produce, stands all operating out of their vehicles. I love the idea of roasting chicken in my car and selling it. Of course this appeals to me!

Trucks with pop out awnings, and open sides with display windows, complete with refrigeration units and a generator, bringing the products to Capestang. The market gives residents and tourists alike the chance, twice a week, to gather, enjoy chatting with the vendors and their neighbors. The two café’s on either side of the market are full of Sunday social seekers. One of which even has free Internet connection. What a great way to build community!

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  1. […] Market Day Capestang France  is twice weekly in the town square. You can sample some of the local goods; meats, cheeses, olives and find a variety of souvenirs. […]

  2. What a wonderful way to buy what you need! and a fantastic way to build community. Beat Safeway anyday ! Bright crisp colorful pictures too ! Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Canada !

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