Rambla Walking Strip Barcelona Spain

Meat Bar
Meat Bar Barcelona Spain

La Rambla is the main walking strip that takes you between the Plaza Catalunya near the sea to the Gothic quarter and the neighbourhood of El Rava in Barcelona Spain. Over one kilometre long it is located in the best tourist section of the city. With its tree lined shaded promenade and kiosks, you can find many trinkets, flowers, pets, souvenirs and is a great place to sample the foods, which Spain is known for, even if it may not necessarily be the best in the city.

Bars and shops are on either side of the walking street across the traffic lanes, making a whole lot of things to do and see in a densely concentrated area. Popular both day and night, by locals as well, Barcelona tourists have loads to do and people to meet.

Daniel and Angelina on scooters, kept up with us as we walked throughout Barcelona. Something I would recommend anyone with kids under the age of 10. Alfonz and I love to walk sometimes 6 hours a day, and instead of carrying the children back on our backs, which happens sometimes, they scoot along side. The best 100€ investment we made.

Jamón Serrano and Jamón Iberico are cured hams dried high in the Spanish mountainside and are very famous. With its distinct flavour, I cannot believe how expensive some variations can be. Only in Barcelona would a meat bar survive. A fascinating recipe for this ex-vegetarian gone meat-o-holic, we tried and purchased a variety of hams. The Iberico version is made from Landrace black pigs, specially raised on acorns and olives after fattening at birth. Serrano is made from Landrace white pigs. Landrace means it is a domesticated animal naturally from the region. Both are salted for 2 weeks after slater, washed, then hung to dry from 6-18 months. It seems an art form and no matter where you are, it is on the menu. A must try.

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