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Coming up to departure, the morning of our trip, the house still had to be cleaned, mom’s car loaded, and perishable food sent over to the neighbors. It took a miracle to pull it off. But we got it done!

Dad loaded his van with our luggage, and drove us after our short goodbyes with neighbors and family friends to the airport. ‘No tears’ was the motto, and if we felt them coming on, we would take a short walk. After a while we just said, ‘Walk it off!’ We drove away with mom and our close friend Margaret waving goodbye. I felt a tinge of sadness, but I shook it off and managed a smile.

British airways took all our bags! All 8 fully loaded to the hilt, zipper-busting bags of clothes. I watched them move down the treadmill towards our 747. We still had loads of carry-on bags full of must brings, and the kid’s essentials, plus 2 cameras, and laptops in tow for the journey. I need my Sherpa! It feels like we finished climbed Mount Everest! But no worries, we are almost there. In no time at all our life will change forever.

Another quick goodbye to dad, walk off the tears, don’t look back and through the international gate we go. Thanks for everything dad, see you soon!

As soon as we were through security they dumped out my lovely 100% pure toner and Angelina’s ear infection solution. Duh Eva! Oh well I am not running on all cylinders. Mistakes will be made. It wasn’t enough to get me down.

British Airways upgraded us to Economy Plus! Legroom, leg rests, movies, and video games. I love this airline. Not only do they let you bring the maximum luggage of all the airlines but they totally rock too! After dinner the kids fell asleep and woke up on London, 8 hours later! The 10-hour flight was the fasted 10 hours I have ever flown.

Alfonz bought me a lovely gift on BA: 2 charms for my Pandora bracelet, a little airplane and luggage with a Paris travel decal on it. What a total sweetheart. Honestly we are like 2 school kids, it is wonderful.

3 hours in between flights in Heathrow, we let the kids draw in their new sketchbooks. Angelina shows great promise and is following her big brother down the artistic path. See I told you they were yours!

We travelled with British Airways again to Budapest, and we all sleep during the flight. We can feel the effects of the last 2-months of preparation, and we all crashed hard. We even skipped the meal. (Second meal I have ever missed. The last time was in the 90’s!) We wake up in Hungary. Couldn’t have asked for a better plane ride.

The only glitch was that 1 of the 8 23 kilo packs never showed up. I said to Alfonz in Heathrow, last time I flew through here they lost my bag. Guess whose bag they lost! All my summer clothes were in there and we land in 30 plus heat. Crap! It never made it on the plane in London they say. Oh well, I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and take my cousin Bori on a shopping spree. Life is rough! 😉

Akos and Angie, Alfonz’s cousin and her husband, picked us up. We were the last to wonder through the gate after putting through our lost luggage claim. They brought 2 cars, and drove us home safely to The Walnut Apartment. My cousins Bori and Peti arrived at the same time, and helped carry the bags up stairs. Peti is our family’s gentle giant and he took 2 bags at a time like he was carrying a purse. Bori brought some traditional Hungarian her mom made, to feed us. It was wonderful to have such a warm welcome.

Alfonz unlocked the door and said, Eva you first…

I entered our apartment to find the old 50’s kitchen gone and in its place a beautiful modern stainless and white kitchen and refinished floors. OMG! As I wander to the bedroom, I am flabbergasted to find a beautiful red stained wood loft, that is 1/2 the space of the room and high above our heads. Our space is now modern and efficient.

Akos took the time to arrange everything before we got there. He oversaw every aspect of our renovation and picked amazing colors schemes and designs. My favorite of which, is a lazy Suzanne, with a pullout shelf that takes up the whole corner of the bottom cabinet. Smart! The doors have soft close, and it is white painted wood shaker style with stainless appliances and dark grey countertops. Gas burner, new oven and a mini dishwasher too. Love, love, love my lovely kitchen! We owe Akos a vital organ when time comes! And of course they will have an open door policy in place once the B&B is set up.

The kids are still asleep as we enjoy our first freshly perked coffee, and look out toward the courtyard. We make our first to do list. Alfonz walked down to the Bakery to get something yummy to go with his coffee! Life is pretty sweet.

That’s Hamori!

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  1. Glad to hear you all arived safely and to such a warm welcome! How great to start your adventure in a ‘home away from home’. Reading your blog makes me excited to plan our own trip! Keep us posted! Miss you all!

  2. Sounds like a great trip Eva!!! I’m glad the plane ride went smooth. Sounds like the apartment is beautiful. You are inspiring! I miss you already 🙂

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