I Saw Your Lace Panties Under Margaret Bridge










The title of this post refers to a famous Hungarian Song about a man singing about the woman he loves, under the Margaret Bridge where he saw her lace slip for the first time, and later her lace underwear.

Margaret Island is located in the Danube River, between Arpad and Margaret Bridge in the heart of Budapest. 500 meters wide and 2.5 kilometers long, Margaret Island is a sanctuary to her visitors.

The Knights of St. John sought sanctuary on the Island and settled there in the 12th century. There are old ruins on the Island from the Dominican and  Franciscan orders that once housed nuns from the 13th century, as well as a 12th century Premonstratensian?ruin.

Then the Ottoman Empire destroyed the holy retreat. In the 18th century it was a retreat for Palatines members of the Kingdom of Hungary and in 1908 it was declared a public park.

There is an open-air stadium with a water tower, which often has concerts. A Japanese garden, with a pond full of fish, turtles and ducks with a waterfall located close to the Northern tip, which my children were fascinated with. Angelina and Daniel watched the turtles poke their heads out of the water. Daniel eventually touched one.

We biked by a little Zoo, free of charge, where kids could see birds, horses, and deer. Loads of kids walked around with their parents enjoying the animals.

The huge trees on Margaret Island provide shade on hot days. Under the canopy the cool air is refreshing. On hot city days, many people walk in the evenings to cool down and Margaret Island is a great destination.

Margaret Island has a walking path around the outside, and a rubberized running track. Full of people, there is much to do with something for everyone. If you like to people watch, or your a students looking for a quiet place to read along the banks of the Danube, or a family looking for an open field to play in, Margaret Island is a lovely retreat.

The Palatines water park is the largest open-air swimming pool in Budapest, and is on the Island’s Buda side attracting residents and tourists alike. There are sporting establishments: a soccer field, a tennis court and a sports pool fro people to discover.

We rented a 4-seater bike and rode around the whole Island in just over an hour. Cost about $10. We saw beautiful gardens with vivid summer blooms, people were playing soccer and Frisbee towards the middle of the park, and picnics were spread all over.

Only a few cars are aloud on the Island, mostly parking for the Hotels on the North end of the Island. Most people walk or ride their bikes around.

On the Margaret Bridge, we had to walk on the Island from; we had a fabulous view of the Parliament Building and snapped a shot. The bridge is under renovations and we got a bit lost on the way here. Sometimes getting lost means discovering something worth finding like on our walk over the bridge we watched the boats float on the Danube, and saw how fast the current is. It was pretty special.

On our way back home, the kids saw the Music Fountain, playing classical tunes, the water shoots up to the rhythm. They were mesmerized for the duration of the song. We stayed for 3 songs and had to rip them away. In the evening you can see its lights.

There are festivals held on the Island. Alfonz was telling me stories of being a kid, and meeting his friends and enjoying open-air concerts free of charge. He has such happy childhood memories. Even now I look around and young people hang in groups, lying out in the sun, talking and laughing. Seems like a great meet up spot.

You can hear many languages being spoken in Budapest. I love that people from all over visit this great destination. Everyone is outside, enjoying what summer brings, dressing up to go to the park and meet his or her friends. It is a young, fun vibe here on Margaret Island.

That’s Hamori!








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  1. Nice shots Eva, You’re getting good with that camera of yours! I’m missing your sparkly self over here but glad you are having such fun!

  2. we are looking for a reasonable income fro the B&B and we would be there year round and put the kids in school. I thought I had a realtor but he hasn’t been too keen on getting back to us. Contact me via Facebook, I’d be happy to hear of anyone you might have in mind.

  3. This looks like such a great way to spend a day! I love those surrey bikes, you can ride and the kids can’t get away. Your pictures are really great!

  4. Interested to come across your site on TBEX, and especially your plans on going to France. Maybe I can help? How big a B&B are you after?? Did you have a budget in mind? I have many friends in the south who have b&bs. Bonne route!

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