Photo Shoot



Our photo shoot with Sherrin turned out some nice shots of our family.

Taken over at a park here in White Rock, BC. around 2:00 in the afternoon, under some beautiful old trees, we enjoyed an hour of play. The kids seem flawless, adorable little angels at every angel.

Sherrin’s website and contact information are on our blogroll.

She’s been our family photographer since we met at a baby group when Daniel was 3 months old. All our family portraits are done by Sherrin Kovach Photography.

Thank you for a great shoot!

That’s Hamori

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  1. Just got our iPad home, with a beautiful leather black case, and a stand! The kids played zen drawing while we were there for almost an hour! Hopefully there iPhone is up and working so Alfonz and I don’t have to share.
    That’s Hamori

  2. Alfonz Alaskan Adventures are posted on the website, along with his Utube video. I wish I was with him on this journey:)

  3. Beautiful Pictures! I just checked your Alaska tour and could not find any. Hope to see some great pictures from Alaska!

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