Dawson’s 3 Day Bike Rally


Alfonz Hamori ‘Made it to Whitehorse, nice easy 465k’s and tomorrow we’ll be heading off to Dawson City where we’ll stay for 3 nights for the “Dust 2 Dawson” bike rally. Should be interesting, just have to remember to go 2 sleep, beeing 24 hrs daylight. 9 hours ago’

Dust to Dawson Motorcycle Rally

A trip of a lifetime, this rally begins wherever you are and culminates in Dawson City at the Downtown Hotel. Mostly riders from Alaska, coming over the Top of the World Highway , but from as far away as California and points east, arrive to enjoy ruckus celebrations at the Sourdough Saloon, regaling in stories of the ride, previous rides and rides yet to come.

For more information contact stay@downtownhotel.ca or check out the Great White North forum at www.advrider.com


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  1. You have a beautiful website, and what looks like a great little hotel. Thanks for finding us! I have found you on Twitter and added you as a contact too! What a beautiful area you live in. Stay in touch!

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