Shopping the French ‘SOLDE’ Sales


Polygone Bezier Again! Yes there is a naked person on my post! No it is not me, well maybe in my dreams! Everywhere you look in France, and Europe actually, are nude or half nude people. It doesn’t both us in the slightest, but I can’t help to think of the outrage this huge photo on a large wall would create, seeing a nipple in a Canadian mall! Here it is perfectly normal and I love the openness.

At the Polygone for lunch during the SOLDE sales throughout France, we found this great spot for lunch. Le Petrin D’Honore is located on the second floor by the bathrooms and the Jeff De Bruges chocolate store.

They have fresh baguettes filled with brie, ham, salami and salmon, as well as bakery items.

We had French onion soup and shared baguettes and Nutella crepes after.

If you are looking for an inexpensive place to eat while shopping in Bezier, this is great value for your money. 32Euros we ate like kings, and have leftovers for Alfonz’s dinner too.

We also took advantage of their great prices through the mall and bought a few personal items. I got a pair of high quality suede ankle boots, the rave here, usually 149Euros elsewhere, last one for 35 Euros on sale, making it excellent value for your money.

The kids got more clothes from Okaidi for 50%off. Last month we bought necessity items: a warm sweater and vests and were impressed by the quality of the French made clothing. Angelina had to have a tan and brown rain jacket she totally fell in love with and Daniel a dark blue sweater, using up the last of grandma’s Christmas money. Don’t know where my fashion kids come from. I was wearing LULU Lemon sweats and they were both dressed up for the mall! They make me smile.

Although the sales are not the 90% reduction we are used to on Boxing Day sale in Canada, you can hunt around and find some good deals.

Yesterday we saved over 200Euros on a 46″ Samsung TV, and got a fabulous deal on the floor model DVD player. The kid’s TV was the last one in a box, and ended up getting a 32″Bravia for them for 150Euros off. My washer is an 8kg for 275Euros the cheapest next to this one was over 450Euros. It was worth the stress of driving around, hunting for the deals.

Still left to buy: our bed, a wardrobe, and the kitchen items.

Tomorrow we explore and take a break from shopping and travel to view the Narbonne famous abbey.

One week until moving day come Wednesday!







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