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Eva Hamori ESl teacher Budapest
Eva Hamori Canadian expat living in Hungary giving skype lessons and immersion homestay programs
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To all the people we met along the way, our loyal friends and family members that keep checking in on our progress, and the supportive online community of bloggers connecting through That’s Hamori, I salute you!

It has been 18 months of solid writing on our family adventure blog, and it is now time to take a step back and change to a more formal format.

The intention of our blog when created, was to document our move from Canada to Europe as we searched for our best life and then write a book sharing our views on time currency and our belief that if you set out towards your dreams they can become a reality.

Our new posting timeline for That’s Hamori will be closer to once a week, updating our readers on our progress in France, sharing a few mini-trips planned over the last few months of the year, as well as cover my Mother’s visit over the winter.

There is something so instantly gratifying about travel writing. Taking your camera to new destinations, running home to edit your photos and posting the same day on the adventure you had. I love the excitement of it, the fast pace, and meeting readers online moments after posting. It is a rewarding occupation, even if no money came in from it, I would continue.

Writing a book has been an entirely different task for me using skills long forgotten since college. The meticulous outlines, the structured chapters and the detailed work has been a new experience.

Having written fiction in the past gave me creative freedoms that travel writing and novel writing does not allow. Our story being true, I wish for an accurate account, written with more care than I usually blog with.

My will and determination to complete this task has kicked in, and now that I have my story’s happy ending, it is time to finish.


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  1. Hi a book is a great idea… Could be a step-by-step how your adventures/experiences have developed or could be more visual ‘coffee-table-glossy-photo’-affair! Lots of self-publishing options these days and e-books means you can do whatever you want and all your friends and family can contribute to the next chapter by buying your book!!! :))



  2. Ah thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of my Canadian friends back home! If I could find a huge turkey to roast and make some homemade stuffing, gravy and then after soup, I would!! snif I can almost smell it! 🙂

  3. Hi Eva,

    I really enjoy reading your blog so can’t wait to read your book!!! Happy thanks giving !!!!!!

    Love Christine

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