Kids Blog Aug 2011 Budapest

Budapest Parliament tour
Budapest Parliament
Hamori kids, Whistler
Hamori Kids underwater photo

Daniel        Thursday August 11, 2011

I have been going to:a store down stairs called DIOFA ABC. 

We have ice cream everyday.

We also go for long walks around Budapest. 

What I like the most about Budapest is a river called the Duna which cuts Budapest in half. 

We live on the Pest half.




Lake Balaton Daniel swims
At the parliament in Budapest Daniel swims lake balaton

This is me wearing a police hat. This is me running in the lake.


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  1. Hi Daniel, It’s me, Nick. I liked your blog:)
    Keep writing, my mom and I are following you! I want to send you an email to tell you about stuff here. Look at your email tomorrow,K?

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