1. Hi Kathy, Chances are your friend is not related to us, unless she is from Hungary. The best place to find Capestang historical events might be the church. Romain Catholics keep Christening, marriage and death records as far back as written history began. Domain de la Provenquiere has a fabulous story, but they are outside the village and have a giant vineyard run out of an old chateau. If you go to our write up on them, it tells a little history about their Napoleon connection. On that post is also their link. If you want to get a hold of Francoise, the lady that works their, she can give you an better idea of where to look. They call her Nokia for all her connections and she speaks English as well as French and German.
    I hope this helps. Being only one year in to our new life in France, I am not an expert on anything French. We are exploring and learning a great deal, but not enough to pass along.
    Keep me informed and if you make it over this way let us know!

  2. Hello,
    I’m writing a story that takes place in 13th century Languedoc. One of my scenes is in Capestang. I was trying to do a little research about medieval Capestang when I came across your website. I live in Ann Arbor, MI and have a friend with the last name Hamori. She teaches french here. Are you by any chance related to her? Also, would you know where I might go to find more about Capestang’s history?

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