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Alfonz and I are busy these last few days before our move to Europe. We are tying up loose ends, selling off the last bit of our stuff, saying goodbye to friends and family on the West Coast, cancelling credit cards, turning off phones, closing accounts, finding travel insurance quotes and lastly packing our bags. The list goes on and on.

I found some broken gold chains, rings from who knows whom, among the pile of throw out jewelry and took them in to the gold exchange here in White Rock. $$ Cha chink! That will pay for one ticket to Europe for sure. It is surprising how much value we had in the things we thought were junk!

Bought a second iPad as a computer to write the blog on while we drive towards France. They are amazing little devices. The kids love the games on it, but are still banned for immersing their iTouch into the bathtub a few days ago. It has almost the exact capabilities as my computer except no CD drive, no video & photo editing programs, and a smaller memory. It’s a bigger version of my iPhone. Skype is awesome on it, as well as video games, and I personally like the keyboard, but there is a full size attachment you can buy to make it even easier.

Home videos will be downloaded on our Mac Book Pro as it has excellent editing software. Alfonz is in charge of our weekly video posts starting in Budapest as we renovate our apartment. The hired help is already started on our new floors, and loft. Our cousins are picking out a brand new kitchen for me to enjoy. Yay! The kitchen I have currently is from the 1950’s, and could seriously use a facelift.

I have a fear of is being left alone in the big city of Budapest. Although I have been to there many times, I often get scared walking with the kids on the main roads. Hungarians are crazy drivers, and there is nothing to stop them from plummeting onto the sidewalks. I have never seen this happen, but their speeds paired with their obvious tight schedules make for a disaster waiting to happen. And my kids, like most, have a hard time listening. Do all siblings fight nonstop? The good news is in Hungary it is common to hear moms yelling at their kids, or grabbing them out of harms way, and lecturing them on the streets. We are fiery people and I won’t be judged as harshly there. Let us hope not anyway.

The closer we get, the more tired I get. I’m resting well, and working out each day, but I can’t seem to shake this exhaustion. Once on the plane I’ll sleep all the way to England. After the stress of it all will subside and the adventure will commence.


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