French Student Visits Us in Budapest

why Hungary to live for expats
Budapest Hungary, 30% increase in tourism this year alone, gives us strong base to push off from

You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward. Conrad Hall

We had a short but sweet visit from Laurene our student from Toulouse FRANCE! She was visiting her friend in Budapest who is attending university here on an exchange program for one trimester. Laurene was here for a very exciting and jammed packed four days of Budapest fun!!

We stole her for ourselves for Sunday lunch and took her out for traditional Hungarian food. We ordered beef stew with rice, paprikash chicken with nokedli, goulash soup, langos with sour cream, cheese and bacon, and langos with garlic and salt.

For dessert we found a Kürtőskalács stand on the street. We walked up Vaci Utca and talked about the interesting sites, monuments, and the complicated history of Hungary. Laurene loves history!

Next we stopped for a coffee before we walked her back to her friend’s flat, completely a giant circle from our flat to the cathedral, lapped back around along the Danube and over towards the far end of Vaci street!

In four hours we caught up and I can proudly say that my student over the course of the year since I saw her last, she has vastly improved since going to Vancouver last summer for a full month program through Kaplan where my friend Lisa works!! She said she was so happy we recommended it to her, and she stayed with an Indo-Canadian family with three other students from around the world.

She was forced to speak only in English during her entire program and then, with her parents, they visited the Rocky Mountains. She loves Vancouver!

Laurene has been to all three of our countries now; France, Canada and Hungary!

Well done Laurene! Hope to see you again very soon! Kisses from the HAMORI family!

student from France visited Hungary
Student Laurene from Toulouse came to visit while on vacation
Kürtőskalács, Budapest street food
Kürtőskalács, Hungarian street food dessert, baked over coals, and sprinkled with sugar
Budapest Szplakert Sunday markets
Szimpla Kert Sunday markets
Budapest Hungary Sziplakert Sunday markets!
Szimpla Kert Sunday markets!
Budapest Hungary
walking through downtown budapest
polski fiat 126
Polski Fiat 126, Alfonz finally found our second car!

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