Renovations in Capestang France

side door looking towards pool Capestang
side door, looking towards pool area
New Door for our house Les Platanes
New Glass Front Door, Les Platanes (name of our house)
le platane gets another facelift
Les Platanes before renovations
new shutters in southern france
After renos

We finally got the loan from the bank to upgrade the energy efficiency of our house and they did the work an entire month earlier than planned! We hired the company Colombeau Alu who did a fabulous job.

The salesman came to our door with samples and his bottom line price; something I honestly appreciate when it comes to sales. The first women who came from another company was not so easy to deal with, wanted money (deposit) upfront, and she wanted us to sign even though the colour I wanted wasn’t available and the glass front door which was imperative to the renovation, she did not have for me. She was very pushy. And the price kept come down, but only if we signed today! So we said no thanks.

With Jerome at Colombeau Alu there was no pressure. He listened to exactly what we wanted and got us that at a good price. He also found a way to get us government grants, by having two instillations (the front door and the insulation in the attic) they got us a 30% cash grant back off our taxes for 2017. So 13,000€ – 30%, paid over 10 years = 100€/month! I know right? Cheap! Plus 3300€ in my pocket! Thank-you very much!

window, shutters, Capestang
Colombeau Alu

New insulation in the attic, new double glazed windows all around, new pretty French style green shutters with black accent metal handles and a new glass front door to let in the light towards my kitchen.

Eventually we will replace the door to the kitchen to a glass door as well and finally I will have my little bright kitchen to work in. I spend so much time in there, it just makes sense.

What I have noticed so far is the lack of noise in my house and how warm it is! At night I don’t need to wear my robe to bed, which I have done since moving to France. There always seemed a draft on my neck…

The gentlemen who worked on the house were nothing short of professional and perfectionists, which I can appreciate. And they were always smiling… is this a French company? I was skeptical but yes! and they have customer service down pat.

Except for the man falling from the outside of my bedroom window from the second floor, landing on my clothes line, breaking it to pieces which probably saving his life… I would say without incident.

Oh what!! He’s fine!

He missed the pointy thingy that holds open my side door to the backyard, so it is not like he got impaled or anything! He should be out of hospital soon enough.

He’s even back to work on Monday so how hurt can he be!

However his screams did scare the bejesus out of me and brought our neighbor flying over to his rescue! I was hiding out in the Loo in the chambre d’hote (as you do with strangers in your house) when it all happened, but I already knew he was fine.

Being mothers we are experts on scream velocity and their pitch.

I heard ‘scare’ on the way down, then ‘thud’ on landing and he made sure everyone knew to come after impact with another less severe bellow but I assessed that nothing was broken… then I carefully thought…no I am ok to finish in here first. 

Eh voila, never a dull moment in southern France during renovations!

hosue renovations
house renovations
new windows
more house renos, will paint orange knobs after with paint they gave me
more renov in southern France
more house renovations on Les Platanes our home in Capestang

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