45th birthday

Hamori love fall 2016 Budapest

We planned to have our traditional beginning of spring party, which is really undercover for Alfonz’s birthday party. We invited a slew of people; new friends and family, we were going to set up the BBQ, lawn furniture, games and activities for the kids… We look forward to this party each year, which would be the first big celebration in our house since we moved in!

But alas, the railings were still not finished, the tiles not yet dry, the paint was still wet on the walls in some spots, and the biggest reason we cancelled; we still hadn’t found the right BBQ grill or lawn furniture yet! So we sadly called, emailed and texted our guests that the weekend was a no go!

The owners of www.grillshop.hu were so nice and offered us four free tickets to their BBQ workshop on Saturday over at Dunyha to help us decide!

We enjoyed an afternoon or cooking tips, tested out different BBQ’s and ate like kings!

We invited Alfonz’s cousins Akos and Angie to partake in the fun. We learning so much about how to use a grill properly and we narrowed down our choices to two!

Then after this lovely afternoon, we came home and got the kids ready to do out. On route we picked up Akos and Angie so they do not have to drive into downtown Budapest! It was also Angie’s birthday who is our daughter’s, Angelina’s, godmother!

We parked near the castle on the Buda side and climbed the stairs to the top! After such a big lunch we all needed it!

The sun had gone down on our climb and then Orban switched on the lights of the entire city! Spectacular city!

Budapest is unlike anything I have ever seen, and as many times I have enjoyed this view, and as many times as I have taken the same angle shot with my camera, it always seems new and alive.

Buda hill views
Gellert Hill views Budapest

The way the Blue Danube turns through the shot, the castle on one side and the enormous parliament on the other. The lights look like little candles, and they reflect in the water. Little boats glide along and the sides are pinned together by the lit up bridges; a Thomas Kinkade painting come to life…

Andrassy Utca Budapest
Champs Elysee of Budapest luxury shopping street

We walked over the chain bridge into the restaurant district. Peeked into the Sofie Hotel, used the lou, (a good mother knows where all the best bathrooms are in Budapest!) then we peeked in on David at Baraka before the dinner rush but he had just popped out.

After we walked along Vaci Street, and headed up toward the Budapest Eye!

Magical at night to see the bird’s eye view of our new metropolitan city.

The best part for me was seeing into people’s apartments their lights shining through their windows; a peeking Tom’s dream, that you cannot see during the day. Beautiful gothic style buildings with 4,2 metre ceilings, giant picture windows and old rustic and antique decor. I always like to sneak a peek into other people’s lives, and most had their curtains open just for lucky me!

The most interesting was an old man looking back, so nothing like the murder mysteries I read, or nudists walking around like I had hoped, but c’est la vie! I got to see the decor, the structures, and the openness of the homes. Most have been here since the turn of the century, and are still beautiful and in good condition.

I have been on the eye four times now, all at different times of the year; and find each as good as the last in different ways.

At night, yes, it feels like a peep show, but imagine what it feels like for them to have this massive tourist structure built in front of their extremely high priced real estate!

beautiful views from the Budapest eye
Budapest Eye

I imagine living there would also have a good view for people watching too and being connected to the heart of the city. I also imagine families fighting over ownership for prime real estate… if these walls could talk as they say. What they have seen between the wars, the revolutions, the change in politics and powers, and lastly the neverending cycle of life.

Next the kids were getting hungry. I could easily have skipped the meal after eating so much BBQed meats in Buda: I don’t want to ruin the memory of flavourful hickory smoked beef, chicken and pork cutlets marinated to perfection, dripping with juices and paired with greek salads and roasted potatoes with melted cheese and jalapenos… but children must eat and I still strive to be a fairly decent parent.

Off we went for a bite. Kajahu was disappointing. A favourite hot spot for organic foods for us for lunch, but in the evening it turns into a strange cross between pick-up joint and snack after pub atmosphere. Too bad too. I was peeved enough to give a bad review on TripAdvisor which is something i rarely do. No to Kajahu!

Then we walked the 30 minutes back to the car and drove to our place in Solymar for champagne and dessert waiting for us. Angie’s son came after midnight to pick up his parents so they did not have to drive home.

It was a lovely relaxed evening.

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