Chill Vancouver Day

spending time with my moms
Both are finally retired ready to enjoy the golden years

Ladner luncheon. I took my mom and mother-in-law out for lunch at Ricky’s and then visited my Grandmother one more time at the old age home in Ladner before I leave on Sunday.

It was like hanging out with two silly teenagers, and these old girls cracked me up throughout the day. My stomach was hurting from laughing so much, but my Nagymama seemed to enjoy the high spirits around her.

We went shopping at the Hungarian Deli for paprika and supplies for the goulash soup for the seniors home and I handed them off to the chef Gareth. Nice man. I had a chat with him about how my Grandmother is 95 would really like to taste some of the old world flavours in her final years. I asked him if he knows any Hungarian dishes? He said no. I said, well I happen to have all my Grandmother’s recipes on a website I created called Travel, Eat, Repeat! He decided to try her Hungarian Goulash Soup recipe after I sent him an email. I dropped off some ingredients that might help him out. He was so kind to offer to pay, but I said, nothing doing! I was so happy for him to even attempt my Nagymama’s recipe!

After I went to buy some more Chinese soup to get my full fix during my stay. I am surprised I haven’t got sick of it yet. Usually the MGS and crap gets to me…but no I was fine! It is hard to find good Chinese food in France. Maybe I should open one, imagine, Hungarian Canadian opens authentic Chinese smorgasbord in France…. yah it would never fly!

It is so funny. People from all over the world go to France to sample the fresh ingredients- especially around the mediterranean; seafood, fresh local olive oils, cheeses, beautiful French grown meat and meat products, foie gras, escargot… and here I am been craving crappy food from fast food restaurants; KFC (mostly chicken wings and gravy), sausage McMuffin with egg, Chinese take out, Thai soups, Pho Vietnamese soup, Milestones hot artichoke heart dip, KD and sushi!! Yes I said Kraft Dinner! I even brought a box home for the kids.

I also craved my best friend Shan’s curried goat with peas and rice, and my aunties fried chicken wings.

I wouldn’t let my mom cook the entire vacation. I wanted her to have fun with me, and not worry about food like I do back home. I could eat anything, not very picky. I ate more tofu and peanut sauce than anything else. One day we even ate deli bought wings and ribs. Yuck right!

I love gluttony. And in canada with the endless amounts of different cultures, there really is a multitude of foods to try!

Ricky's lunch
prime rib sandwich with onion rings
Rick'y poutine
Quebec’s own poutine with fried chicken strips
gyros from Ricky's
chicken and vegetable potstickers

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