Capestang Car Show

Car Show

Yes, another stat holiday and no school for the kids!

May 8th, 1945 World War II Allies excepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi German armed forces.

To commemorate this day, our little community of Capestang paraded through the streets to the cemetery to listen to speeches from veterans and to hear the band play.

Vintage cars drove around town, and eventually parked for show in the square.

Alfonz and Daniel rode their bikes back to the square at 13:00 to enjoy the crowds after lunch, and for Daniel to have a little one on one time with his favourite guy, his pop, to learn about vintage cars.

Many people brought their cameras to snap shots and our cafes were full, as the old cars brought neighbouring villages to the display.

That’s Hamori!



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  1. I have gone to these car shows my whole life, and can appreciate a nice old girl wheeling down the strip in White Rock BC, or even through my village in Capestang. At one point I had a thing for old Datsun Roadsters and Vettes. Not so much these days, I like a mint Rolls-Royce or an Austin Martin or even the Bentley I shot last week, make me week at the knees!

  2. Vintage Cars, bikes, ceramic boards many of us love to watch and specially when they are in working condition and well maintained.
    Thanks to the owners and yes thanks to you too for rewinding memory with the post when I was at Goa and visited Ashvek Vintage World and saw 1931 make Mercedez car.

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