Ryan Air Goes to Budapest!!


When the Hungarian airlines ‘Malev’ went bankrupt last month, Ryan Air took over their flights making it possible for everyone to enjoy Budapest for cheap!

Our family couldn’t be happier.

Back in the first week of February, I travelled back to Budapest to film a home and garden channel TV show and it cost me around 500Euros for my flight.

Through Ryan Air Alfonz, Daniel, Angelina and I can fly from Beziers to Budapest via Paris for around 400 Euros in total. The savings makes flying to our home in Budapest more accessible than ever.

Where going to Budapest for family events from Canada was expensive, we often missed important occurrences in our families; births, deaths and weddings.

When we get home sick, and want to immerse ourselves in the culture we love so much, we can catch a flight, cheaper than driving.

With many cousins and friends to see whenever we go back, keeping connected since moving to France hasn’t been easy. With flights this cheap, we can visit far more often.

Budapest, known as the little Paris of Eastern Europe, even during communism remained far more open to the Western world, and was a popular destination for other communist countries. You could always get brand names, a variety of foods in Hungary, and Lake Balaton was a hugely popular destination for the residents of Europe.

Budapest is located along the winding shores of the Danube River, offering a beautiful setting for bike riding, shopping, sampling cuisine, and historical sites for any history buff.

With Hungary being a full member of the EU, travelers can access the city easier.

The EU has invested in Budapest, and the difference over the last few years is notable: cleaner streets, new shops, and uniformed police helping direct people where they need to go.

You can hear many different languages in Budapest. It is a very popular place to visit, and many people come back again and again.

Most young people speak English and are willing to help you find your way around!

In comparison to other European destinations, Hungary remains relatively cheap.


Our rental apartment www.walnut-apartment.com is a great example of a fully furnished home in the heart of Budapest, located within walking distance to the Synagogue, Saint Stephen’s Church, The Great Market Hall, and Buda Castle.

Hungary is known for good food, lively Gypsy music and fun festivities. You can find many restaurants along Vaci Street, the walking strip that parallels the riverbank to suit your tastes.

If you are thinking about a trip to Budapest, spring and fall are my favorite times. The youth are in school, and the streets remain yours to explore.

The summers can be very hot in, and if heat is what you are after, you can always take a train to Lake Balaton on your stay and enjoy the natural spring fed lake, the largest in Central Europe.

That’s Hamori!

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