Beautiful White Rock

Love White Rock
Visiting White Rock BC Canada, my hometown

White Rock is on the southern coast of British Columbia and happens to be one of the most beautiful places in Canada. Houses cling to the cliffs offering views of the Pacific Ocean and the tourists flock to the shores year round to walk along the rocky beaches.

I remember as a teen we would pile into our cool cars and drive up and down the strip usually blasting music. We met White Rock boys when we lived in Surrey on the other side of the tracks. We spent our summers tanning, swimming and jumping off the end of the pier. And evening beach parties, but that was a long time ago…

The restaurants along the beaches are very good. There is something for everyone! Among my favourites, Pearl Bistro and Oyster Bar, The Hemingway Public HouseUli’s, Moby Dicks, Cosmo’s Greek Restaurant … but the list goes on and on. TripAdvisor is a very accurate source for information.

I walked around alone, trying not to feel the cool air on my neck or worry too much about how little time I have left on my vacation. This is the first time I have travelled alone and it feels good. My own schedule, my own plans, and along with my own thoughts. No conflict or compromise on this vacation, just me.


white in the rain
I visit White Rock in the rain
<3 White Rock
Beach city, White Rock BC Canada
white rock landmarks
White Rock BC Canada in March
white rock kite surfing
white rock kite surfing
totem poles
Totem Poles in White Rock
Love White Rock
Home sweet home, White Rock Beach
White Rock Beach
Beautiful White Rock Beach

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