Carcassonne City & Castle with Kids in Winter

Ferris Wheel Carcassonne Square
Ferris Wheel Carcassonne Square

Tis’ the season to be jolly… Fourteen of us make our way on the 27th of December to Carcassonne to enjoy the children’s activities around the city.

Starting out, the older boys skate in the market square for one hour for 4€ including rentals, the best value of the day. The city creates an ice rink in the open air, which lasts the entire month. It reaches 15-20 degrees this time of year, and I can only imagine the electrical bill! The kids are lined up to go on, and the place is packed.

Time for lunch, we find a restaurant that is willing to take us on. A pizza joint with an actual pizza oven seemed to go over well with everyone.

Next we go to the children’s Christmas fair with rides for kids of all ages. They each took their turn down the giant manmade tobogganing hill. One side was for bigger kids and the other for the smaller ones.

After we all sat on a rollercoaster, designed for little kids, we squeezed aboard and laughed the entire time at how funny we were.

Then we made our way towards the Ferris Wheel. I worried as the wind picked up and my fear set in. I was one of two parents willing to go on the ride with the children, which was mandatory on such rides. Alfonz decided to climb on at the last minute, going against his instinct. It was very windy and a few times as the carriage rocked back and forth, I envisioned us plummeting to the ground below. The view was worth any fear, and we took some amazing shots of the castle and the city.

We wondered past an ‘Enchanted Forest’ display filled with elves and trees with faces and little animals tucked in them. The children wanted to see it, and we decided to pay the 2€ each entrance fee. Bad value for your money, I advise to skip it entirely.

After that we said goodbye to half our group and completed our day fulfilling our promise to show the Robin Hood’s castle to my mother.

The castle did not have the crowds we were used to in the summer time and we virtually had lengths of the castle to us. The lookout over the city is worth the trip alone. The wind met us at the gate opening to the view that added to the ambiance. I could imagine being alive in the 11th century, traipsing around the grounds in my beautiful gowns.

Lastly, our friends met us back at our house for some turkey leftovers. It was an action packed day, on the perfect outing in the Christmas season.

Hope you love the photos!

That’s Hamori!


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