How Much Money Do You Need To Start A New Life In Europe?

Hamori family
Our life in europe

The big question is how much money is really enough to start a new life in another country? Giricz Nagypapa my father’s father came to Canada in 1956 during the Hungarian revolution with little more than a suitcase, two young children in tow and an empty pocket book. They could not speak one word of English. Victoria city on Vancouver Island was their home until he retired from Royal Jubilee Hospital as head janitor. He was a great example of coming to the ‘Americas’ and living the dream.

You get what you give. If you need more, you have to work harder. He could have written the Wealthy Barber. He put away his money, (pay yourself first concept), no credit cards, no outstanding bills, no loans, and only buy the most cost value items your money can buy. My Grandparent’s furniture looks exactly the same as I remember it when I was a child visiting them from Duncan on the Island on long weekends and family occasions. Beautiful conservative taste outlasts any fad or style, and his home was in great order until he died.

My grandfather sadly passed away this year at 96. He taught me that anything is possible. He also taught me you don’t need a lot of money to be happy. No one needs more than what he consumes. Learn to live and consume less because at the end of the day it is just stuff.

We leave for a new life with the philosophy to conserve. Less is more and the gravy days are gone, at least for a while. What’s the big deal if you we don’t eat gravy.

With enough starter money for a home we hope with a potential business from it like a B&B, a camper van to explore and possibly start a business with it as well.  Plus, we have the rental in Budapest. Every move we make will have to be careful and thought out, there is no room for mistakes on our tight budget, however Alfonz and I feel up to the challenge.

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