10 More Things I Miss About Canada

I miss Canada stuff
What I miss about Canada

#1 Lucerne Milk

Canadian milk is so good and super fresh. I have a strange habit of dipping my Lays potato chips in my milk. I miss the habit, all though my waistline does not.

#2 Packaged Gravy Mix

Open a package, throw it in boiling water and stir for lump free gravy. Oh how I miss thee in the land of French fries. Put some shredded Mozzarella on top and you have ooey, gooey, melty heaven.

#3 Big Containers of Salsa Sauce

We go through so much salsa sauce. It is expensive and has a funny curry taste. I miss Safeway brand, medium hot jug of Salsa with corn. Scooped out with fresh corn chips is always a must have in our house.

#4 Big Blocks of Cheddar Cheese

They do not have cheddar cheese in France. Why? Cheddar, GB is just a few hundred miles from here, right?

#5 Big Blocks of Mozzarella Cheese

The kind of cheese you place in the middle layer of the lasagne, so when you cut and serve it makes long strings of cheese. I must be hungry as I write this food list, huh?!

#6 Peanut Butter

Alfonz promised to comment on how much he hates peanut butter in the land of Nutella. Personally, I believe that chocolate and peanut butter are best friends and the perfect snack. All natural Safeway brand is my craving.

#7 Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jeffery, our lovely friend, said he could not find any big, chocolate chips cookies, and he is right. I have not seen any in the bakeries or the stores since we arrived. Then, on a discount isle at the Intermarcher I saw them! Pepperridge Farms macadamia nut with milk chocolate and Dark Chocolate huge cookies for 1Euros. I bought him one and they are my bribery to get him to visit the new house. Jeffery, if you read this, I have a big glass of milk waiting for you as well. See you Sunday for Hungarian Goulash lunch.

#8 Cranberry Juice

Alfonz’s drink, vodka, soda, splash of cranberry juice and a twist of lime. Why oh why are there no cranberries grown in France??

#9 Clamato Juice

This really should be #1. The juice mix of clam and tomato, to mix with vodka, tabasco sauce, celery stick and Worcester Sauce to your glass rimmed with celery salt. OMG, I could kill for one of these today!

Okay #10 I miss my mommy. Today I was unpacking my house and kept thinking, my mom would totally have this stuff put away in a few hours. I was working for the first time during a move without my mom’s wisdom and impeccable organizational skills.

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  1. i can live on Baguettes and Brie alone, no worries! Thank you to everyone sending care packages, but save your money and come visit. I miss you more than cheddar cheese, I promise you that! 🙂

  2. I laughed reading this because the things I really miss from Scotland now that I live in Canada are:

    Peanut butter. All the brands I have tried here are not up to scratch with Sun-Pat!!!

    I miss Cheddar Cheese. To get anything remotely resembling Cheddar that I know, we have to pay a fortune. The regular stuff I see in the supermarkets bounces!!!!!

    I miss mozzarella!!!!!! Unless I go to Costco. Its all “hard” mozzarella here!!!!!


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