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Capestang needs people to stay longer! I never understood why someone would come here for one day when trying to hit as many places as possible.

Capestang has so much to offer.

capestang views
Capestang’s Church

#1 Collegiale Saint Stephen’s

Saint Stephen’s Church of Capestang is located in the beautiful Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, and was designed as a Collegiate where monks and nuns could come, live and learn the word of god.

Collegiate Church of St. Etienne (the French name) was started in the 13th century over older church remains thought from the 11th

built by the bishop of Narbonne
Capestang CastleI

#2 Foyer In the 12th century the archbishop from Narbonne built the castle, which still stands. Tourist draw are the intact and restored painted ceilings, a marvel to any history buff.

Capestang's linguistic sejour
learn English in Capestang

#3 Canal du Midi and all the water activities 

You can rent a boat and cruise the Canal du Midi. If it be a luxury barge cruise for a week like Athos du Midi, self-driven boat from a company like France Fluviale or Happy Mag or an electric boat by the hour through the Office de Tourisme in Capestang: it is a delightful way to see the UNESCO heritage site, The Canal du Midi.  They also rent canoes and kayaks to get closer to the water which turns out to be popular among our students.

Cycling path Capestang - Cruzy
La Voie Verte

#4 Bike paths

La Voie Verte is a 12 km long bike lane created in 2014 between Capestang and Cruzy offering pedestrians, and cyclists a safe no traffic pathway to explore the celebrated countryside of the Languedoc region. They have converted the old railway track by filling it with soil and stabilizing it to a flat, easily manageable route between de Avenue de la Gare in Capestang to the former train station in Cruzy.

You can also stick to the canal path which connects the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea visiting cities and traditional villages along route. It is an amazing and interesting way to visit the region.

Marion Fanfare
Capestang Festivals

#5 Festivals

Festivals are throughout the year in southern France. But July 14th and August 5th weekends are the most adored in Capestang. Three day events, showcasing a variety of local musicians, where you can drink local wines for cheap, and dance the night away.

Neighbouring villages to Capestang have outdoor festivals nearly every weekend during the summer months, and they are listed at the tourist office located along the canal du midi.

Our local association C.A.C.34 puts on some amazing shows, starring local musicians. Their Facebook page is listed here for their next production.  Here is a story of their uber successful Fanfare event!  And me fulfilling my wish to sing!

Appaloosas du Pech Montouliers
Appaloosas du Pech Montouliers

#6 Horseback Riding 

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, the Languedoc weather makes the perfect conditions to raise horses. Minutes from Capestang we have three ranches with ponies, double ponies and full size horses. La Fount Del Bosc in Argeliers, Appaloosa Ranch in Montouliers and Creissan Equitation on the road to Quarante.

Argeliers and Montouliers offer promenades through the tree covered forests, trotting and galloping for more seasoned riders. Starting at 20€/hour, you can ride one of these beautiful horses during your vacation in southern France.

etang Capestang
Picture perfect pond tour

#7 Walking tour through Capestang and our pond

There is a walking tour pamphlet at the tourist office with all the historical plaques leading through our village. In addition, there is a man who gives nature tours through the Capestang pond. Both worth your time during your stay in our lovely traditional village.

year round restaurant in capestang
Capestang Square , a variety of restaurants

#8 Restaurants

Cafe de la Grille offers the basics, reasonable prices, consistent food and traditional pizza made in a wood burning pizza oven.

Provence is a traditional Italian pasta and pizza restaurant

Le Relais Bleu is a truck stop along the road running through Capestang, and they serve big portions and cheap prices.

Galiniere is fine dining, offering gourmet three and four course meals starting at 20€

Batelière is on the canal du midi, perfect location to watch the boats go by.

La Table du Vigneron is great food served in a lovely setting.

Skatepark in Capestang
Skatepark Capestang

#9 Skatepark

Especially when travelling with kids, bring the scooters, rollerblades and skateboards. Our new state of the art Skatepark is the perfect place to take your children. Don’t forget your helmets they are mandatory! Home of many tournaments, our Skatepark association pairs with local DJ’s and puts on fun events too. Check Ville de Capestang Website. 

Southern France wine tours
Vin en Vacances, best wine tours in the languedoc

#10 Wine Tours

Capestang is also the starting point for Vin en Vacances wine tours. Offering visitors a sample of the best wines from the largest wine producing region of the world and taking you to some of the finest restaurants for lunch as well. There is a gourmand tour I highly recommend, visiting a bio muscat producer paired with the best cassoulet I have ever tried! WSET accredited staff, with years of experience, you are sure to enjoy your tour. Check out their Tripadvisor ratings here.

We also have many wineries surrounding Capestang within biking or walking distance Gimie, VanHo, Domaine de la Provenquiere. In front of the tourist office once a week on Thursday evening throughout the summer, come taste some local wine brought to you by the local three listed above.


There is so much to do in and around Capestang why not make your vacation with our traditional village as your homebase. Experience southern France like a local, in a village alive year round, full of French culture and traditions.

Tourist Office in Capestang has a list of available accommodations under the subheader Place to Stay.

Not to mention all the things a short drive away: Beziers, Narbonne, Narbonne Gruissan Beach, Valras and Vias Beaches, Carcassonne and the famous castle, Minerve, Montpellier



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