Marche Du Noel Capestang

Marche Du Noel
Marche Du Noel

The Marche Du Noel is France’s annual Christmas market with all the things you need for a traditional holiday celebration.Most cities and villages have such a market in their area between the middle of November towards the end of December, with stands full of local goods to try and to purchase.

The smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire along with the sound of the band playing Christmas music set the ambiance for the day.

Looking for a great gift idea? Look no further than the market. With many vendors, there are a wide variety of items to choose from.

It is a great way to replenish your wine and cheese stocks for the holidays as well.

We saw many familiar faces in the crowds over at the recreation centre. People came out from the neighbouring towns and villages to buy, see and sell at the all day event.

The kids got an added treat with camel and donkey rides and there was a visit from Santa who gave the children candies.

It was a lovely two hours of shopping fun. We made our way home with specialty pink champagne and dried sausages after sampling a variety of wines.

Daniel and Angelina were all smiles after their camel ride.

Happy Holidays from That’s Hamori!


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