Homemade Potato Chips

Homemade Potatoe Chips

I have one deep dark secret, a craving that measures none other. When I start eating them stand back as I don’t share well, and I have been known to eat an entire big bag to myself.

Yes it is those heavenly little fried wonders from god- the potatoe chip.

I like mine thin, crunchy and super salty. My favourite brand is Lays; with Miss Vicky’s a close second. I eat the ones that are folded like a taco first, so if you see me fishing in a bag, that is exactly what I am doing. I believe they crunch more, I could be scientifically incorrect, but don’t challenge me, I like to think of myself as a chip expert.

Grossly I like mine with milk, and have been known to even dip. I let people know when they first meet me, it is just one of the many quirky things I do.

At any kids party I hover over the bowl and steal as many possible usually not denying my horrible addiction to wide eyes watching as I eat the yummy crunchy treats, from the children.

I have often wondered how amazing it would be to make a healthy version to feed my family instead of the preservative full packaged variety.

I try my hand.

Homemade Chip Recipe


Slice up about 5 potatoes with a sharp knife or a cucumber slicer. I leave the skins on. Surprisingly you can get a large amount from a big potatoe. Today I used the tiny variety I had in the cupboard.


Heat up Olive Oil until very hot


Spread a layer of sliced potatoes evenly without over laps into the oil. Use a fork to keep them separated.


Using a fork, you can flip if you like. This keeps both sides an even shade or browned. Once reaching the desired colour, for me meaning a light brown, they are ready to be removed. I make a few batches for Daniel who likes them less crunch, and a very light golden colour.


Scoop out with fork or metal scoop, draining off the oil in the pan, and placing on paper towel to soak up extra off the chips


Salt with sea salt for a healthy alternative or any of your favourite toppings. Chives, garlic, vinegar or what ever your heart desires.


My reasoning is if you really crave them, go ahead a make them and eat as much as you want. If you take the time to make the best healthiest version you can- you deserve them!

It does take time, patience and restraint and happens to be a lot harder than buying a bag and eating it in the car on the way home. On a positive note, you won’t be eating it as often.

Also try sweet potatoes and yams they make a great side dish served with homemade ketchup.


Homemade Ketchup recipe to follow


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