How to make traditional French crepes

French Crepes

French crepes are identical to Hungarian Palacsinta!

1-cup flour, 2 well beaten eggs, a pinch of salt, a splash of vanilla, 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup soda water or water.

Mix all ingredients until it runs smooth, and lighter than pancake mix

Ladle batter into a hot oiled pan and evenly spread until it reaches the edges.

Flip once when browned, and brown the other side

I usually make double the recipe and we eat 3 each, making 12 – 15 crepes from the batter. These are very thin!

The thinner the better for Palacsinta or crepes!

We fill with apricot jam, Nutella, or strawberry jam

My favourite is putting leftover paprikas chicken into the crepes, but sadly Alfonz ate the left over’s yesterday!


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