What has changed since Budapest Hungary joined European Union?


Living in Budapest part time does not give me any credentials on the economy, the politics or anything of that sort.

What I have noticed as someone that frequents Budapest since an early age is that since they became a part of the EU, money has been invested, making some noticeable changes.

Top Changes

#1 A FaceLift – New shiny businesses open where old decrepit ones once ran.

#2 Safe Streets The streets feel safe and officers stand on nearly every corner.

#3 Clean up – Empty shops once boarded up are open for business with name brand clothing stores, high-end shops, and boutiques inside.

#4 Employment Opportunities – You can see franchise here too, giving more variety to customers, bringing in more business and employment to a culture that needs a kick start.

#5 No Dog Pooh – The buildings are clean; the streets clear of debris and no dog crap to be seen!

#6 User Friendly -The historical city is much easier to sell to tourist if it is tourist friendly and it is!

#7 English Language – When I was young, most people did not speak English, but now nearly all the youth speak enough to get by, are helpful to the people on the streets asking directions and seem to be much more open then the generation before.

#8 Brighten up -Closer to our apartment, entire streets have been cobblestoned, with little streetlights along both sides, bringing people further out of the downtown core.


It is a great time to travel to Hungary and see for yourself first time how amazing Budapest is.

Reasons To Go

#1 When and Why I prefer the city during late spring and early fall, when the weather is warm but the Hungarian kids are still in school, and you get the city to yourself.

#2 Tours -There are many group tours; walking and guided making travelling convenient. Or grab a map of the downtown core and start walking. Everything is easy to find along the Danube River and with so much to see you can spend days just exploring this area.

#3 Transit -Catching transit is simple, with clearly marked routes on the maps to help tourists get around.

#4 Nightlife -If you are looking for nightlife, anytime is a good time to go to Hungary. We have groups from all over the world travel to Hungary just to party at night and explore during the day, or sit in the baths the day after, nursing their hangover!

#5 International Appeal  -The downtown core is full of people from all over the world, and the Hungarian women are known for their beauty and the youth love to cut loose. Usually the kids go out around 11:00pm or later and stay out until the early morning in the nightclubs dancing the night away. This surprised me, but I guess it is standard in Europe.

#6 Investing in Tourism The EU has invested money into the Hungarian people to build a tourism bridge to the rest of Europe. With cheap tickets from Ryan air since the Hungarian airline Malev folded, you can easily fly into to Budapest and be down town in 20 minutes.

#7 Prices Hungary’s prices compared to the rest of Europe are still low, and rentals are just as cheap! Check out the Walnut Apartment on Airbnb. It was our family rental apartment, stylish and sleek with a full kitchen and a washer, starting from 60 Euros/night. More for more people, but sleeps up to 8!

#8 Our Help If you decide this may be an adventure you are interested in, and want some more personal advice, contact us through either of our websites. We would be happy to direct you to some great Hungarian tourist attractions and not so well known spots too!

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