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Arguably the most picturesque village in the Languedoc-Roussillon, Roquebrun village with a population of just 550, clings to a cliff, over looking the Orb River. A viaduct bridge beautifully completes the French scene, making this township in Herault a popular destination.

Mountains on three sides of Roquebrun create a microclimate boasting weather suitable for oranges and lemons, as well as the beautiful mimosa trees, that they are famous for.

Each year this tiny village holds mimosa festivals on the second week in February as well as other festivals,  that heavily bring in tourism.

During our stay, the mimosa trees sharply bloom their yellow flowers, a bold contrast to our light-rain grey day.

The village of Roquebrun is built 100 meters -350 meters above sea level, up towards the exposed rock on the tip of the hillside, where the 8th century Carolingian Tower and a medieval village remains are located. Around this area of the village, you will find the ‘Mediterranean Garden’, a public park that contains plants found within the Mediterranean basin.

In the summer, you can hire a canoe or kayak. They drive you up stream and drop you off to paddle your way down, ending in Roquebrun, yet another reason to visit this popular French destination in the Languedoc.

They have 26 campsites near this area, a Westfalia camper haven, and another great destination for the adventure family.

With many trails to walk, and paths to bike, there is much to do along the River Orb. Camping, fishing, swimming, Roquebrun is a must see destination while you are in the Southern regions of France.


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  1. wow sounds great! Must come here too, anytime really. We just set up a Westfalia rental company but who knows what’s next, I guess anything to keep us from leaving! 😉
    alisa private message me on Facebook and lets do coffee! Cheers Eva

  2. You must come up to our area…we live in the Tarn-et-Garonne and some of our villages here are stunning. Love to see another ex-pat following their dreams. We did it 2 years ago, left Los Angeles and opened a business here and are loving our new life!

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