Picking an Area – Languedoc-Roussillon

Lucky in the Languedoc

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This was a pretty easy decision, mostly funds related. The Cote d’azur would have been our first choice being so sought after but the prices were outrageous and that is only if there was anything available!
The Aude area in the Languedoc-Rousillon region is still reasonably priced, with small villages with their own bakery, church and school, offered tourism income in the picturesque rolling hilled, covered in grapes, the typical scenery you would imagine it to look like. Bike paths, rivers and lakes, beautiful open sky, unobstructed views of the most beautiful landscape you could image, just steps away. Close enough to the

Carcassonne Castle and the Mediterranean Sea to give visitor’s options, and our family the lifestyle we are looking for.
Imagine riding your bike to the market each day to gather your daily fresh food. Trimming flavourful herbs from an abundantly green garden, picking fruit from your trees or walking to town and only seeing your neighbours and saying hello to them and asking how their day is.

Taking in each moment, absorbing your quiet life. Wanting this so badly isn’t all that healthy, but I can almost taste it. If what I dream of is only a fraction true, we will be happy.


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