December 24th Fishing in Poilhes


Angelina has fallen ill, and without sleep, we enter into our family Christmas Eve celebration a little less prepared then usual. No worries, the solution is to send the boys off to fish with our new friends from Boston, also here on an adventure of their own.

The 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl, 7, 10 and 13, all here for 10 months, along with their parents, homeschooling and using Capestang as a central location to explore the whole of Europe.

Daniel finally well enough after the flu and the weather cooperating long enough to try out his birthday present, he excitedly gets his fishing hat, and gear ready for a few hours on the Canal du Midi. I pack a quick lunch for the 3 boys from the bakery, and send Alfonz and S, the Boston dad, off with some sandwiches in Chorizo bread from the bakery in the square.

Angelina and I are left home to clean the house, wrap presents and cook the Christmas Eve turkey and recover from our night of high fevers and toilette rims. My poor girl is such a trooper! Not the best way to spend Christmas.

Alfonz and Daniel return home to the smell of turkey roasting at 3:00pm, with stories of a their fun adventure, and pictures to prove it.

They ended up in Poilhes the next town along the Canal du Midi and caught a river eel. It was a windy 13 degrees with sun shinning upon them on this very special Christmas Eve.

Angelina got to watch 3 Barbie movies while sick under blankets, with a high fever. The happiest sick girl to be seen!

What a fabulous day this ended up being! We settle in to our dinner.

Merry Christmas!

That’s Hamori



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