Hungarian Stacked Egg & Potato Casserole with Sour Cherry Cake

Hungarian 'Rakott Krumpli' or egg and potatoe casserole

Alfonz cooks a few times a year, usually BBQ related, and always very good. Over the years he’s picking up a few skills in the kitchen, and every once in a while, like yesterday, he surprised me with dinner.

After a full day on the canal boats, I arrived home Monday afternoon with just enough time to shower and go straight to my three hour choir practice. I found my lovely husband in the kitchen, slicing hard boiled egg and potatoes. A huge stress was lifted off me, not having to worry about what’s for dinner.

After practice I came home to this comfort meal that even the children enjoy.

‘Rakott Krumpli’ is a Hungarian peasant dish, of stacked potatoes, sausage, eggs, sour cream and bacon.


6-10 boiled potatoes sliced

6-eggs hard boiled eggs sliced

500 grams sour cream

1-large chorizo sausage sliced fine 5 strips bacon (garlic sausage, dried Hungarian sausage, or Polish sausage, works too)

250-grams cheese of choice

butter for your pan

In a large baking dish, place 1/2 your potatoes in a layer, then 1/2 your eggs on top of that, next comes 1/2 your sour cream, then a layer of sausage slices and repeat. Like a lasagna, stacked in layers, you put your casserole together. You can salt and pepper each layer, if you like, but I find the salt in the bacon and sausage is enough for my taste. The choice is yours.

On top add cheese and lastly bacon. If you are a vegetarian, simple delete the meat ingredients, add a little butter in each layer and put cheese on top.

Bake for one hour covered, then during

the last few minutes uncovered to brown. Serve with pickles.

Dinner is served
Hungarian Sour Cherry Cake

For dessert: Sour Cherry Cake

In place of cherries, try blueberries or apricots


2 cups flour (plus a little for the pan)

1-cup sugar

1-stick butter 250grams

1-cup milk

2-beaten eggs

1-packet baking powder

½-teaspoon salt

2-tablespoons 100% pure vanilla extract

2-tablespoons kirsch or brandy

1-500 gram can or jar of sour cherries


Preheat oven at 375 degrees, prep your 13X18X1inch bake pan with butter and flour so the cake does not stick

Mix your dry ingredients in a large bowl and in a separate bowl mix your wet ingredients until smooth. You can use a blender, but I do not have one so I use a fork.

Slowly in 2 batches add your wet ingredients to your dry. It should look the consistency of pudding.

Pour into your bake pan.

Drain your canned cherries or apricots, and place a layer on top of the batter.

Sour Cherry Bake goes in to the oven

Put in oven and let back 35-40 minutes. Once down let cool for 30 minutes. Sprinkle icing sugar over the top, and serve.

For a fruitier version, double the fruit in the recipe.

Hungarian Meggyes, with apricots instead

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