Victim of crazy market, any homes left in Nanaimo?


Dear Universe, all powers at play, and all residents thinking about selling their homes in Nanaimo,

Please send us a home to buy!

The house in the above image is going for 1 million Canadian dollars in Victoria, BC Canada… but you could probably say that about most Provincial capitals across Canada! I have a strong feeling Nanaimo is quickly following suite, and soon enough, real estate will be out of reach for the ordinary, blue-collar working class. AKA, myself…

There should be a law, in fact a universal law across the globe, that in any country where two people work full-time, their combined income should be enough to purchase and mortgage a house. There should be dignity in working, and the rule should state, that the governments of the world should ensure housing for everyone. Not just for the rich, and not only for those who have 1/2 million floating around in their banks. Oh no wait, that’s not even enough either. I truly believe if you do not have a rich granny who leaves you a hefty inheritance of close to a 1 million bucks, working full-time will no longer be enough to get you a decent home.

So we rely on the rental suit, rental rooms, exchange students… pretty much whatever we can think of to pimp our square footage out to make certain we can qualify at the banks.

Our family is financially ready to buy such a house and make Vancouver Island our permanent home, and it seems on the exact day things could line up for us, the market runs dry of reasonably priced properties. We looked at two today, one very close to the highway where in the bushes a little family of crackheads live, and the other, in the most desirable location you can image, but is ready to fall down. Even if we could buy either of these places, because the lineup for the Russian roulette game of over bidding $100,000-$350,000 over asking, it wouldn’t really feel like a win would it? Yes you read it right, two home we have bid $65,000 and $100,000 over asking price, sold for well over that, and two in our price range which we did not bid on sold for $350,000 over asking! Granted had spectacular, unobstructed views, one was built in 1976 (5000+ square feet) and the other was in the best neighbourhood way up North, but this one had some serious structural damage and needed a new roof, and floors! Although if someone had some serious cash floating around, this house had lots of potential, and a grandeur to it, honestly fit for a king. It would be worth a small fortune down the road. However, that road just seemed too long and difficult after our last ten years as vagabonds, so for us it was a hard pass!

We just need one house to become available for our family to buy. Not a big ask in the grand scheme of the universe, but in this burning hot market, it could be tricky…

So far we have learned the different areas, and really love Westwood lake, Departure Bay, up North, but anything middle and up would be a lovely area to build a life. In reality, it doesn’t really matter where you live in Nanaimo, because everything is literally ten minutes away. The city is laid out in a very logical way, with two highways running from top to bottom like a circular path, so getting around is super fast and efficient. Both highways run through some pretty spectacular wilderness too, and glimpses of water from cliff side and forest covered mountains are all around.

We do need some extra space as the kids grow into independant adults, for our cars, their privacy, ours too and a suite for them to live in as they move from school to work. Plus, as they find partners of their own, maybe the suite can act as a stepping stone to start their own lives from which can help them save for a place of their own in the future.

Currently, we have been dreaming of water views, perched in the mountains, near the forests, and now that we are ready to buy, by the time we go to see what we think is our dream home, it seems that someone (or more like a dozen people) keep beating us to the punch. What is left is people trying to make a fast buck without even renovating their old homes, throwing it on the market at astronomical prices, just to see what will happen. And some are making a killing off 1% vacancy rates here in Nanaimo. Others are being squeezed out of the market all together, maybe even forever, to rent subsidiary level housing for a small fortune.

The market is overflowing with buyers and not enough sellers. I keep wondering what are they doing after they sell? Where are they all going and what are they doing with their bank accounts full? Because I know the rental market is in the same situation… no supply and a very, very high demand. A two bedroom suite goes up towards $2000 plus utilities.

I am asking the universe to grant me a wish, to open the perfect path for us, so we can each have a room, and a little place for our international homestay student who is coming to us in January if all goes according to plan. A spare for guests, and a suite down stairs. Please make this happen for us. We would really appreciate it universe and in return, I promise to love my new life. Nanaimo residents, just know we are very nice people, will make this community a better place if we can and will try to make friends with the neighbours on both sides. This is my humble wish. I am now letting it go into the world in the hopes it will come back to me in the form of a home. <3

One kid goes to VIU, and the other is in the Francophone program at NDSS. We love our new jobs in the city of Nanaimo, we just need this little piece of the puzzle to come together for us to make it all stick. I forsee deep roots in our new community.

Please make this happen for us,

Love the Hamori family

NOTE: This message is proof that the laws of positive attraction do work! Two days later we walked into our dream home. The day before I was pushing Alfonz to put an offer on another house, but he said, no too close to the road, too far from school and work… he had full faith that our right home would appear when the time was right.

It felt so strange, but I knew the moment I went inside that it was our home. Not because it was so perfect for all our needs, although it was, it was this overwhelming feeling that I had been there before. I knew with full certainty, that this house was full of love and laughter; the house karma was like arriving to your own mom’s place and it had a comforting feeling of goodness and happiness. We were very lucky, as we were the first to see the house, and by the evening we put in our offer. Miraculously, by 10:45 pm, they had accepted our no subject offer. We offered at our maximum budget. I did write a little letter to the owners just letting them know how we will take good care of their home and how much we loved it the second we went inside. I don’t want to share images until after we move inside, but we are officially moving on November 27th. Wish us luck!

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