Elvis our cat is looking for a new home!

Garance and Elvis Two kitties

Seperating from our family pet is probably the hardest thing that we will have to do moving home to Canada.

At first we found Elvis a new home with a lovely family with a little girl who already has a cat she loves, but also knows Elvis from taking lessons here at our home. She was happy to add the little furball to her family, and has such a capacity for love, honestly the family was a perfect fit. However, this past week they made a terrible discovery, not only could they not take Elvis but they also have to find their own cat a new home as she has developed a strong allergy to cats! Heart-broken on all ends, we are back to square one, asking ourselves if we can find a new home for our lovely Elvis.

Most of you know the story. Angelina was just 6 years old, playing on the edge of our pool, peering over at the cats living next door. The mamma cat had a new litter of kittens, cute and beautiful, and she fell in love with Elvis immediately. The owners said if we don’t take him, they will have to kill him because they simply have too many cats. Looking around their yard, you would agree. SO a few weeks later, Elvis joined our family. The full story is here, but note the story is wickedly sad, so not for everyone, and talks about animal cruelty and the value of spay and neutering! On the happy end of this story, it did bring some change to our village of Capestang and founded a one day per year animal pick-up service, that takes dozens of animals to get fixed for free at the local veterinarian and the municipal council and local good samaritans pick up the bill! A little step closer to animal rights in France. <3

Back to Elvis. He is going on nine-years-young, he eats only wet food in the morning and a minimal amount. He likes to munch on dry food designed for fixed kitties during the day. He is indoor/outdoor, but sleeps at the end of Angelina’s bed during the night, and wanders about during the day. Angelina trained him to herself, so pretty much tortured him into submission. He acts like a kitten still, loves to play and is super friendly. He is a local southern France wild cat, mixed with a domestic cat variety and has unique, beautiful strips on top in a rounded pattern and little spots like a leopard on his stomach. He’s grey/brown, short haired, and his eyes go between yellow and green. His nature is lovely, loves to be held over the shoulder, or cradled like a baby and rocked back and forth. He purrs loud and endlessly.

We thought about bringing him with us, but quarantine restriction make it very difficult and we already brought him here to Hungary 5 years ago, and it almost killed him them. The story is here. This time we have a 2-hour flight and need to get there 2 hours early, then 4-hour layover in Frankfurt, then another 10 hour flight to Vancouver, following that is a three day mandatory hotel stay in quarantine until we receive COVID tests, and then another +/-4 hour journey to the island on a boat to Nanaimo. Just thinking about it makes me very stressed, and the thought of trying to handle him along the way only to die in the end, makes me incredibly sad. The costs would run between 800-1000€ plus he needs two veterinarian visits before hand. I would much happier find him a good home, and give them money for food and accommodation! <3

So we are looking for someone with some outdoor space, and someone who loves animals as much as we do. He is honestly the coolest cat in the world, and has a habit of talking to you in the mornings. I think he thinks he is a human, one of the kids really, except out of the three he is the easiest! If you are looking for a lovely mature house broken cat, who uses the litter and outdoor space, who is truly beautiful and healthy as can be, please contact me before June!

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