Selling a complete life in Hungary not only a house

buying a house in Budapest
Our new house

Now that we are selling our home here in Solymar I am reminded of all the reasons why we bought it in the first place. I have serious home love!

I first spotted this three story home online when we still lived in France back in 2016. It was listed on multiple real estate sites and the images were from all different angles so you really couldn’t tell whether it was a reject project gone bad or a mansion just waiting for some love. I am happy to say it is the second. We have created many gorgeous living spaces within since purchase.

Once we got here and I started working at the French school, I quickly realized the value of being so close to work and the train taking you to the downtown core of Budapest in >20 minutes. Not all my coworkers have that luxury, taking the bus into work in the morning traffic and leaving late after their last class in the evening sometimes never seeing the light of day. Plus they are stuck inside the school all day long while I come and go throughout the day, hitting the markets, visiting the doctors, going for lunches, and enjoying the freedom of living near to where I work. Location is always the most important thing when buying a home, in my humble opinion. You can get a good deal, you can make compromises on size and age, but never on location.

The lady who owned it before us, she built it little by little according to her idea of a dream home. Her father was the builder who helped her create a blueprint, mapping each floor out according to her ideas. And they did not skimp on materials either. Together they planned to build their forever home. Sadly the daughter divorced her husband and the father could not build it alone and they ended up with a half finished luxury home, or at least the shell of one; sitting here unsellable. No one wanted to take on the massive project. Most people can not see potential if it bit them in the face. It is harder for some to envision the end result, imagine where things will go and how they will look before hand. I spent a whole lot of time thinking exactly how to make the most out for this massive space. While most saw a huge headache with lots of work ahead, redtape to untangle; we saw huge potential and a beautiful idea that simply needed some further love and investment. Not just in money but in time. As luck had it, Alfonz had the time to finish the project.

The idea was a two family home with grandparents on middle floor, husband and wife and their two children on the top floor with a kitchenette and the downstairs level to become the daughter’s hairdressing studio! A home based business! She already had enough water access plumbed in for five chairs, and the downstairs bathroom area was large enough to wash clothes and dry them. There was a storage area for all her hair supplies too, and the giant welcoming entrance way for clients. It was brilliant really! Of course I am not a hairdresser (at least not yet- there is still time!) so we made the bottom floor into a classroom where I can teach private students, and when students live with us, the room seconds as a guest bedroom which can sleep two extra people now, but we have had up to 6 people down here on mattresses! It is very large, well lit space. It is also where I work out!

At this moment there is someone out there looking for not just a house but their forever home. Searching near Budapest but far enough away to feel like they are on vacation at the end of each long day. They are dreaming about having some land (especially since COVID-19 and quarantine), near the mountains with fresh air and nature just footsteps away. They are probably those types of people who love to walk, cycle and hike. They are going to love the fruit trees, and maybe put in a swimming pool. Those people will love the wine cellar and probably already collect wine like we do. I can imagine them dreaming of long warm summer evenings drinking wine in their flowering garden on their lawn furniture and BBQing on their gas Broiler. They will enjoy the outdoor space, the seasons, and the awesome neighbours I am sure!

Whoever buys this home will get the deal of a lifetime too, as we are selling all our appliances with the house, and any furniture they would like to have. My favourite is our bed. It was the first time I spent good money on something so comfortable and beautiful. Everything is negotiable because when we leave for Canada, we do not want to take anything with us. We will get back down to two suitcases each, just as we were when we left ten years ago for France. So many things are up for grabs. Our cars, our motorbikes (nope already sold), our bicycles, our lawn furniture (brand new), trampoline, piano, TV’s; well pretty much everything people need to live can be included in the purchase price! Everything is negotiable!

***Also we are offering a BONUS 1000€ cash to the person who brings us our buyer. So recommend our home to your friends and family, and you might get something out of it too! (Our bonus incentive can also go to the realtor; we are CANADIAN and would never exclude!!)

Someone doesn’t know it yet, but their life is waiting for them here in Solymar. Their perfect future life. Just like we are going home to start a new life again, so are they. So exciting really! I hope they love their new home as much as I do.

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