Summertime during COVID-19


Finally after COVID-19 quarantine and distance teaching and learning, then going back for the final three week to teach my grade seven classes at the French private school and juggling the back and forth between actual classes and online classes; I am on vacation!

I am not fully off the hook though, as I am still working until the end of July with private students. I cannot help myself! I have a few very stubborn, smarty pant students preparing for Cambridge C1 and C2 this summer, and because many are staying close to home because of the pandemic, they want to take advantage of their freetime to bring their English levels up! I love how so many of them want to utilize the time for enriching themselves; making lemonade out of lemons! They make my heart swell to enormous proportions! So very proud of all the kids who did their tests this year! It takes dedication and some kind of bravery to put yourselves on the line to be evaluated. You know who you are!

However, with all these changes, during this last week I feel a little bit lost. I felt the same when my university course abruptly came to an end, and then with the changes just before the summer break, and now that everything is almost done; I feel like I have little to look forward to. Originally we planned and paid for a visit home to Canada; a full month of visiting family and friends and showing the children everything I love about British Columbia!

We have applied for a full refund on our tickets, and unless Lufthansa goes bankrupt, which actually might happen, we should get our money back. If not, maybe they will offer a voucher for next year’s travel tickets as we have to go back without fail for Daniel’s university grants. We want him to stay the whole summer with our family in Vancouver before he starts full time university in the fall.

I was so looking forward to this trip that it has in fact left a large hole to fill. I try to fill it with domestic chores, gardening, shopping but there is only so much cooking, washing and spring cleaning a girl can do. I am feeling a little wee bit stir crazy! And there is only so much time I can spend on the elliptical watching crap TV. So now what? Good question…

Well, we are planning daily excursions! Today Margaret Island, tomorrow Dorog Lake, then maybe a bike trip around Lake Velence on the weekend, and the purchase of SUP boards and camping gear for the VW van once we are finished with all the students. We also have a lovely wedding on the 1st of August; so a few things to look forward to.

I guess September will come fast enough, so I really should try to make the most out of our time together as a family with long lunches, sunbathing, sports, reading good books… not very productive but maybe this is exactly what the doctor ordered after 10 years of working non-stop summers, and constantly on the go go go! Rest; mastering the art of doing nothing. I have to still my mind long enough to appreciate this. It does not always feel good to be unproductive. I have to learn to buck up and get used to it.

Well I promise to try.

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