Look into my crystal ball, do you see a bright future?


Daniel is searching for a university and I love that Europe has so many options for young adults. Last week his Grade 11 class went to Paris to visit a university fair. He said he felt sad to leave and loved the city of love!

The fair itself was much like the one here in Budapest with stands and information on which institutions offer what courses and to whom for how much. The best part after 10 years in the French school, he can finally see a future in France using the languages he has learned. Well I am glad he put it together for himself in his head. Not that I want him to go to France leaving me in Hungary alone, however it will be 100% his choice. Otherwise what was the purpose of giving our children such a strong start in life, with wings to fly to any corner of the Earth, if in the end we take the choice from him. Whatever he picks I see a bright future for him and all his classmates.

He is still interested in International Business. Being our kid, well it makes perfect sense watching us start viable business in many different industries in three very different countries. Business is surging in his genes. He also wants to try living on his own, making his own meals, shopping for his own food, driving his own car; normal dreams of independence for a kid I guess. I know he would do great in this part of his life just by looking at how organized his room is at all times. He just doesn’t make a mess, ever! My only concern would be with what he would be cooking for himself; instant soups with canned veggies, (not a bad choice), scrambled eggs full of cheese and ham (good), sandwiches with meat and cheese, (good), fast food like hamburgers (crap but will sustain human life) and his favourite cereal from Lidl for breakfast with warm milk (excellent and easily substituted for lunch and dinner when in a pinch). He can also make his favourite meal; broccoli and chicken in cheddar cheese sauce served over pasta! He could handle his own survival at least in theory. My job as a mother is done! √

I guess with some luck he could find a flat with laundry facilities as well. Then there is no need to stay close to home at all. What am I going to do with all my time without my son to cook and clean for? Not to worry my list is long! Mostly yoga, reading and travel related. Further, Angelina is still home for another two years so I can always dote on her more although she hates it. Well I will just tell her that we all need to make sacrifices.

On another note, I cannot believe it is the end of February. After the endless summer months, long days, warm nights realizing it is the middle of winter is quite a rude awakening. I was in winter denial. To confuse me further, we had a 17° Saturday this last weekend which makes me wonder how very screwed up our planet is from global warming, pollution or whatever the cause. I was shocked to find the buds on my marigold tree pushing through their casings to make growth in that one very weird day. Little crocuses popped through the soil, and my fig tree grew inches in hours. Everything struggling to survive, waking up thinking it was spring. Hopefully the rain stays and winter does not return to freeze the new growth. Miniature figs appeared on those same branches by Sunday morning; at the ends of branches that were not yet pruned back. I can only hope my beautiful tree doesn’t die because we still need to cut it right back. It would be a shame to ruin the tree just because the world cannot decide what time it is.

For school, I have an interesting project this term holding observation on a single student and seeing how they learn. So far we put in dozens of hours together and I have been busy analysing for the project. I am learning so much by seeing just how different children learn from one another. I am also designing new and interesting cross curriculum lessons for my classes that hold their interest and keep them guessing what is coming next. Both classes are reading novels, something kids don’t really do anymore. Sad really. But if I am honest I didn’t love reading until I became an adult. My goal is to get them to love it sooner and in the way I do.

Lastly I am still thinking about home. After so many years away I wonder if it is still there; you know those things that makes Canada mine. Or is it just someone else’s now. Either way I need to find out. The first thing I will buy is seasoning salt to bring back, plus I plan to eat my body weight in cottage cheese, tofu and pot stickers! I will need to hit a Tim Horton’s for a breakfast biscuit and coffee to go and walk along Crescent beach for a few hours one morning. I love watching the eagles in the trees and the waves lapping the shores. Over by the bird sanctuary you can sometimes spot the spotted owls. So very pretty.

I also have so many things to show the kids including the Aldergrove Zoo, Vancouver Suspension Bridge, Granville Island, Jericho Beach, Downtown and Stanley Park, the Grouse Grind, Vancouver Island including the capital Victoria and up coast towards Nanaimo but maybe even further to Ucluelet, and lastly White Rock where we raised our children. I miss the giant amounts of space, the openness and the mountains surrounding. But what would I do if I moved back? Host French and Hungarian students going to school at UBC? Maybe? Teach EAL or at a school? No. I think my title would be more obscure like writer. I would have time to publish a book or two with the kids gone. Or maybe Yogi, just back from India bronzed and flexible ready to help you find your zen! Oh I do like this last reinvention of self. Namaste the powers that guide us. Maybe this wish will come true in some form too. You never know what the future holds.

Still pursuing happiness, Eva x

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