Diets are for crazy people


I must be crazy!

I bought this very slimming black one piece bathsuit about 8 kilos ago. I looked at it each morning as motivation! Today I went to Valencia Lake in Hungary and wore it! I felt great. I didn’t have to cover myself with beautiful bathing suit covers, or try not to walk around so people wouldn’t see me. I was just myself, as I was a few years ago before midlife hit, those nasty weight gain years.

My battle with the bulge started in January 2018 when I bought myself a second hand elliptical trainer, and everyday I used it for 20-60 minutes. When I started I could set it to level #3, but now, a year and a half later, here I am working out on #10 for 30-45 minutes without breaking a sweat. And further, I love every second of it. When I started I wasn’t this heavy. I did something very wrong; I didn’t change my eating habits, I ate too much and started to get stronger, not lighter.

I am one of those anomalies that really enjoy my workouts, and in my free time I also try to do physical activities like cycling, swimming, walking, hiking pretty much anything to get me moving.

Moving makes me feel alive, but also it is the only time during the day I can clear my head of all the things that are constantingly downloaded. I often feel like even when I sleep my brain is far too active; analysing, creating, thinking and it drives me crazy. But after so many years of dealing with my own thoughts, my workout solution works for me.

Since I got sick in 2013 and had to have my hysterectomy, I have noticed that my energy levels have slowed, but also the way my body processes the food I eat. I eat about 1800-2000 calories per day. That is the amount I need to keep all my systems functioning, stay happy and keeping me between my normal weight 65-70 kilos. But this year something crazy happened. I managed to increase my weight by 7 kilos, and 5 kilos of that was muscle! I was really strong, and my clothes did not fit anymore and overall I was not pleased that working out everyday was not enough. I had finally reached middle age and my metabolism had slowed down and my midsection was suffering. It was time to take weight loss seriously because after all, it is my health.

So I went to my doctor and she put me on the Insumed high protein diet that would keep me burning fat while I was at work. I would drink the protein shake three times a day for two days, and then I had one for breakfast and one for lunch and I would eat a normal dinner; high protein, low carb pretty much following the Keto/mediterranean diet I have always followed just less.

The first week I lost 3 kilos, the second 1.5, and every week since about a week until I capped at 7 kilos. Then the magic stopped. I have been in it for 10 weeks now and last week I decided to take the week off and eat normally. I enjoyed fried chicken, langos, pasta all the things I really have to watch. The funny part I didn’t gain a gram! I kept exercising and felt great! Really great! I think I needed to recharge my batteries, and kickstart my body into a higher metabolism.

This week Monday I decided to try to kickstart the initial program again and went two days without food. I had dropped a kilo by Wednesday and even without my workout today I went down again. I feel that this diet might be the answer for me personally. I never feel hungry and am sleeping like a baby although I do feel more tired than usual. The only problem is that I cannot see it being something I will ever stop, but I am ok with that!

I remember when I was young I would see 40 somethings gaining weight and swore up and down that that would never be me. I mean exercise was such a huge part of my life, even back then I hit the gym at least 5 times a week. I even used to be a fitness instructor for a time, I had been into yoga for years long before it was such a fashionable thing, I weight lifted, and pretty much any chance I get I am doing something active.

But once it happens to you, the inevitable over the hill, you, like me, will do anything in your power to grab a hold of your youth and how you used to feel. Getting up in the morning 8 kilos heavy hurts! Not only looking in the mirror and seeing the dead of it all, but also my feet, my back and the aches and pains. For me the answer is to keep fit. I will never be that person who is trying to look twenty, fake boobs or tattooed eyebrows but I will always do my best to look good for my age; nice classic cut clothes, make-up and hair done. I promise myself I will never let myself go that far over the edge ever again.

This is me combating age, one meal at a time and one activity per day!

I still have a ways to go. And these last 3 kilos are a real bugger! Even though it may take more time than other kilos thus far, and yes it is not an easy process to watch the family eat the beautiful food you have prepared, but I will not give up. I have put myself back on my priority list, right at the top and that means the kids will have to make their own dinners sometimes, and that also means that my life will not circulate around the kitchen table. These are all healthy and positive changes. Instead of rewarding myself with food, I am going to try rewarding myself with activities that make me feel good! Oh and the occasional nice item of clothing. I didn’t think shopping would ever be a positive experience ever again! It has been far too long!

Now go outside! There must be something better to do than to read this post! Eva x

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