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Eva Hamori talking to Kirk Lapointe live via Skype from Capestang France

I was invited by Productions Assistant Ira to join Kirk Lapointe on Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver who does a segment on his show called “Expat Call Out” where Canadians living throughout the world check in and talk about their lives from a Canadian perspective.

Every morning Kirk reaches out to a former Vancouverite to find out how their time in Vancouver influenced the course of their life. Kirk interview me, Eva Hamori, in Capestang, France today. The link to the recorded interview is below!

Aaron the technical director aka sound guy (always charming when doing film too) took my early tester call on Skype and he was lovely. I always am in awe of people in show business who can make people feel so at ease. I mean, really they had no idea what I was about to say. I could have been a crazy! It could have gone in any direction like an out of control fire hose… You never know what you are going to get after all. (Forrest Gump quote about chocolates).

In the background somewhere, a little hello was heard by the productions manager Jen!

For me the opportunity to talk about the benefits of travelling with kids, TCK as the prototype citizen of the world, and how travel can prepare our kids for change in an uncertain future, brought me to them, but where the conversation went or how it got there is entirely for you to hear!

Kirk was a great host, guiding me towards topics as only a seasoned profession can. The interview was enjoyable, it felt like I was chatting to an old friend back home filling them in on My Expat Life!

I had so much to say, that I thought it funny that nothing I planned to say, did I say!

And for the record, I probably will miss French food when I move away, but right now I crave variety. I love fresh, organic, high quality food products and Europe is abundant with that. 

I hope you enjoy my interview with Kirk Lapointe!






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