Do You Believe in the Super Natural?

is there life beyond the grave?
Life beyond the grave
looking towards your future
When you imagine your future, are you creating it?










Definition : Supernatural – a force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature

I have told this story a thousand times, usually drunk with no inhibition. Now, I am not a pusher of ideas or necessarily a believer, just open to any possibility.

— ———————————

A long time ago now, thirteen years to be exact, at a very low point of my life I found myself working a second job at a very high-end furniture store on the very busy Broadway in Kitsilano.

I ended a relationship that spanned my entire adult life the year before, and I moved to a dodgy basement suit close to work to mend. Physically in pain from heartbreak, I preoccupied myself with work, school and surrounded myself with friends. I was in a million little pieces.

That was when a lady entered my store.

She was ripe with child and had a wee one in the stroller. Oh how I longed to be her. She came in and as soon as she saw me, she stared blanking into my eyes, looking for recognition. Our connection broke when she blinked and stated…

‘I know this sounds weird, as we just met but I have something to tell you.’

She casually looked around the store, touching things and sat on a couch as if she had known me her whole life. She had a presence about her, a glow and even though I do not remember her features anymore, I remember thinking she was such a beautiful person with a childlike enthusiasm. (Perhaps a little like myself)

She continued, ‘My parents died in a tragic car accident and I believe they are mediums for me to talk to the other side. Sometimes they tell me little things, but now I am convinced that this is not a chance meeting and they led me to you.’

She continued to tell me that all hope is not lost and for me to be patient.

I know what you are thinking, perhaps I looked broken, slightly overweight, make-up smudged from crying and that this person picked up on those subtle signs, and took the opportunity to scare the living bejesus out of me. However, from the outside I did not look the part. I was polished, manicures nails, not a hair out of place,  and in the gym everyday. In fact I looked my best. New clothes on, in the shopping strip storefront, many people wanted my life.

Being open minded, I am always ready for incoming information and experiences. I took the hook. I was honest, and told her how broken I felt to the core of my being and that even after a recent attempt at love, I found myself broken all over again. I was on a sabbatical from men, and focussed on healing.

On my desk was my Real Estate manual opened to the law section of the course work. I looked around for any open signs of a distraught woman; there were none. No candy wrappers on the floor under my desk, open alcohol bottles stashed in open purse; to the outside world I was whole.

She said, ‘The people you have been dating are not for you. The man, who will enter your life romantically, is someone you already know, a long time friend and has been there all along. You just have to see him. It is a good match and you will be together very soon and will have a boy and a girl. Be patent with him, learn to forgive and this is your love story’. She gave me details. Insight on our similar backgrounds, similar families, similar up bringing. How did she know all this? I only met her five minutes ago. Occasionally she took a moment to think to clairvoyantly speak to her parents. Funny enough it seemed the most natural thing like everyone took moments in conversation to speak to their dead parents. Again, I am not here to judge or make up my mind one way or another.

I liked what she was telling me, and I believed that even if it wasn’t real, I totally deserve my happy ending.

She went on. ‘You will be on TV more than once for doing something amazing. Your young family will live for a time in Europe, most likely France and you will become a writer.’ At that moment I thought no she has it wrong everyone thinks of France in Europe we will end up in Hungary. She had me going, I wanted to believe everything she said, and I was open to the chance meeting as more than a coincidence.

Her story of my life was better than I imagined for myself. Why not me? This could be my life even if she is crazy and made it up from her imagination or if she was a spirit led fortune teller, either way, I was desperate and she gave me hope.

When she was leaving after this brief bazar encounter, I knew that the person I was meant to love forever is on his way and that he would give me the children I desperately wanted. I imagined little cherubs waiting for us to meet. These thoughts made me happy and crazy perhaps.

She asked me if I would like her phone number and if we could stay in touch. I wanted to hear more, I wanted to know it all…then something stopped me.

I said, ‘You know what, sometimes we are meant to only have a glimpse of our future to let us know everything will turn out fine. I want my future to unfold before me naturally as if I know nothing at all.’

She then told me, I too was a medium, a person that carries insight to the future and past. Her parent spirits told her I was a strong spirit and if I chose, I could mold my future into anything i wanted. She may say this to everyone, it may be true for everyone, but at that moment I believed. I didn’t necessarily believe I could talk to the dead, but I did understand the power of my thought to mould my future.

At that moment I began to dream. Dreaming up my happy life, I let go of the past that bogged me down and forgave everyone that ever hurt me. I hung on tightly and let go lightly.

Alfonz came into my life by Easter, a few months later. The rest all turned out true. Not a thing she said was wrong.

Now, these are the times where you question god or the powers above… the question of after life and what really happens to us. It is when you realise for a brief moment, our path are indeed already written.

Do we in fact make our own destinies? Are we the power of our thoughts? Did this lady impose her thoughts on me, and I made them happen or did she in fact tell me my future like a nickel gypsy at the fair?

Was my guard down enough to suck the picture of my life in and I made it happen, or was her crystal ball really at play.

I don’t know. But either way she predicted my future right down to the last detail she provided.

At a dinner party years later someone offered up another scenario. Was the lady even real? It is possible I made her up during a psychotic break producing an imaginary situation at a time of immense mental pain. Created to get me through it. I will never know.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

‘A psychic isn’t necessarily a medium, but a medium is a psychic. This is an important distinction and a good place to start.’

Psychics tune into the energy of people or objects by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present and future. Psychics rely on their basic sense of intuition and psychic ability to gather information for the person being read.

Mediums take it a step further. A medium uses his or her psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding that person. This means mediums rely on the presence of non-physical energy outside of themselves for the information relevant to the person being read.

I like to say that I act as the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world, with the intention of healing both worlds.’ Rebecca Rosen psychic medium

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