My Bakonysárkány

Bakonysárkány - our beginning

We dropped off our kids with my wonderful cousin Zsolti and his wife Detti while we traveled to France to check out possible real estate. In my mind I couldn’t have left them with anyone or anywhere else. My fondest childhood memories are of my Auntie Ilonka’s farm. Chickens and ducks run free, horse and cart rides that my Uncle Stefi, cows to milk, organic veggies in their garden and the sound of the train chugging by. It’s a farmer’s life, in this beautiful town.

Giving our kids an opportunity to experience rural life in Hungary, exposing them to our native tongue, and spending time with my cousins- were all big factors when dropping them off.

Detti made them delicious hot chocolate and yummy meals. I still have to ask her for her Creamed Vegetable recipe. My kids loved it and her very much! We are very thankful for everything our family in Bakonysarkany did for our kids while we motored around France.

The kids would not have done well on our expedited trip to France, although being apart from us was very hard on them and equally hard on my cousin. Daniel and Angelina were pretty good until Thursday and then they hit their melt down point. One week is about all they can handle. We returned Saturday to pick them up. They were not themselves. I guess five and seven years old kids are too small to leave in a strange land, with a new language and cousins they know about and love but not very well. My judgment wasn’t that good on this account, but I will know for next time. I love my cousins for helping us out, I will be forever grateful.

Here are some pretty pictures we took on the two nights before we left them alone in Bakonysárkány. Detti and Zsolt’s wedding reception was here at the Lovas Restaurant four years ago, just outside the town of Mor.

The rolling hills with beautiful horses grazing on had little ponds that greet our stroll and a large playground for the kids; made up our day together.

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