Expat Family Handbook Book Review

The Hamori family is featured in this book!
The Hamori family is featured in this book!
The Hamori family is featured in this book!
The Hamori family is featured in this book!

I am pleased to announce, that That’s Hamori is one of the contributors to this fabulous Expat Family Handbook!  $19

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Here is our BOOK REVIEW 

Expat Family Handbook

*256 pages

*Book covers 8 challenges expat families face and how to overcome them

*Also includes interviews with 16 families and their children

Publisher: Gringos Abroad Publishing

Author: Dena Haines

Design: Bryan and Dena Haines

Table of Contents:

Part 1 Getting Started

Intro: I want to move abroad! Am I crazy?

 Part 2 The 8 Challenges

Challenge 1: Dealing with negativity and misconceptions

Challenge 2: Involving the whole family

Challenge 3: Preparing to say goodbye

Challenge 4: Planning a successful scouting trip

Challenge 5: Handling the bad days

Challenge 6: Dealing with language Immersion

Challenge 7: managing school, socialization and friends

Challenge 8: making a smooth move

Part 3 Expat Interviews

Why we moved abroad

Complete expat interviews

Part 4 Resources

Concluding thoughts

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GENRE: Travel, How To Book

Point of View: 16 families contribute in first person, and share their experiences moving to a foreign country with children. The book centers around one family, the Haines family who moved from small town in Canada to Ecuador, and Dena writes about the problems and obstacles to overcome while moving your family.

But the book covers more than that, it shares a commonality among the contributors about the benefits of this alternative parenting style, and while all families have very different lives , income levels and locations; the all believe that sharing a new language, and new cultures with their children have long term benefits. You can feel the excitement when you read the book. There are glimpses inside these families minds, they all felt that they were doing something very special for their families, a unique experience that would in fact change their families forever. Even through the hard moments, they stayed focused to what they wanted.

Being a contributor to this book myself, I feel, it doesn’t matter your destination, it truly is the journey. The benefits of learning new culture’s traditions and language open people to acceptance and understanding.

This is a Non-Fiction work set in a formal style intended to inform others wishing to try this lifestyle. It is in fact a handbook, but there are many resource links to the individual blogs for you to get more information if you are travelling or planning to move to one of the different locations.

Obstacles are clearly defined, and solution presented with the back up support from the other families.

The information is this book seems accurate, and informative. The layout of the book is easy to follow, and easy to cross reference. I enjoyed reading the different entries from the 16 different families that contributed.

I have been blogging since 2011, and am a Canadian expat living in the southern region of France near the Mediterranean Sea. I have met thousands of visitors to our regions, and dozens have followed our path here. Having a handbook with the biggest problems with solutions could have made our move far easier. The handbook gives clear solution to the most common problems that arise when moving to a new country.

If you are thinking about moving, this is exactly the book to buy.


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Expat Family Handbook

Eva & Alfonz Canadian Expats in France
Eva & Alfonz Canadian Expats in France





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