Pumpkin Patch – Top Fruits Argeliers-France

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pumpkin patch
Harvest Gourds

Fall brings beautiful colours, cool evenings and crunching leaves under foot while strolling along the Canal du Midi. The canal boats are parked along her shores, most retired for the year, under guard of the plane trees.

The feeling around these parts is calm. The bustle of summer is over, the tourists sparse and the last of the fruit hangs lifeless on the vines.

My roses, a deep red and vibrant coral, have their last attempts at blooms and turn out the prettiest flowers of the year.

Sunday afternoon, we joined up with our fellow choir mates for a trip to Top Fruits and their pumpkin patch.

With Angelina’s Halloween themed birthday this Wednesday, we searched for decorations and gourds to no avail in the local markets. When our friends told us about the pumpkin patch up the road from us, we prayed for a break in the rain to hunt for our future Jack-O’-lanterns.

Finding thousands to choose from on the farm, we walked through miles of fields, and picked from a large variety to both eat and carve.

The kids joined in on a scavenger hunt, tractor pulled train rides from one end of the farm to the other, and played with other children in the fresh autumn air.

A sight to see, the men launched pumpkins with a giant catapult, and the children ran after each as they hit the ground. Turned out to become the children’s highlight of the day.

The owners, Jim and Sarah Pearce, hosted a pig roast and under their giant hanger, rows of tables filled with locals eating from a beautiful spread. It was the perfect lunch for this cool day.

Halloween is not a widely celebrated occasion in France, but may be catching on.

Thanks to Top Fruits for a fun filled afternoon! http://www.top-fruits.com/



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