Alaskan Panhandle


Alfonz’s adventure journey starts here in White Rock, early Saturday morning, with his buddy J. Both packed to the max with cameras, a helmet cam, and a few clothes and food essentials.

They start their drive straight on Highway 99, to Lillooet, 131 km (81 mi.) northeast of Whistler. You can also get into Lillooet via Highway 12, 172 km (107 mi.). Here they will visit friends.

Sunday they make their way up to 100 mile House, geographically, the South Cariboo is found in southcentral British Columbia nestled on the Fraser Plateau between the heights of the Coastal and Rocky mountain ranges. The Fraser River cuts through the middle of this rolling plateau dividing the Cariboo from the wilds of the Chilcotin. To the south is the lower, drier hills of the Thompson-Okanagan, and to the north is the central Cariboo, extending into the vast forests of Northern BC. Making this a beautiful ride.
My brother, George and my sister-in-law Brenda live with my nephews, Cameron and Mathew, and my mom. I’m sure mom will BBQ up some food for the boys.

Then they make their way to Prince George, known as BC’s Northern Capital. Prince George is situated where the Nechako River joins the Fraser River near the center of British Columbia. Surrounding the City are the lake-dotted rolling hills of the Nechako Plateau. The north-south Highway 97 and the east-west Highway 16 intersect at Prince George. The City is also the junction of the British Columbia and Canadian National Railways. After that they go where the wind blows them. And eventually to Alaska.

Southeast Alaska, sometimes referred to as the Alaska Panhandle, is the southeastern portion of the U.S. state of Alaska, which lies west of the northern half of the Canadian province of British Columbia. The majority of Southeast Alaska’s area is part of the Tongass National Forest, the United States’ largest national forest. In many places, the international border runs along the crest of the Boundary Ranges of the Coast Mountains(see Alaska boundary dispute). The region is noted for its mild rainy climate and beautiful scenery.Southeast Alaska is the northern terminus of the Inside Passage, a protected waterway of convoluted passages between islands and fjords, beginning in Puget Sound in Washington state. This was an important travel corridor for native canoeists, as well as gold-rush steam ships, and in modern times is an important route for ferries and cruise ships. Southeast Alaska has a land area of 35,138 miles (56,549 km), comprising six entire boroughs and threecensus areas, in addition to the part of Yakutat Borough lying east of 141° West longitude. Although it has only 6.14 percent of Alaska’s land area, it is larger than the state of Maine, and almost as large as the state of Indiana. The 2000 census population of Southeast was 72,954 inhabitants, about 42 percent of whom were concentrated in the city of Juneau.
Thanks Wikipedia.

The memories of Alaska will be phenomenal! A little jealous? No kidding. Have fun guys!

On a side note: here we have this amazing camera from Canon the Rebel 3Ti, with a 15-200 lens, with amazing capabilities to get the perfect shot. Spent $1500 with all the bells and whistles, a pretty good deal truthfully. A bit disappointing after spending the money, when my bear picture turned out looking more like a caterpillar in a tree then a huge black bear in the Whistler golf course below L’s condo window. So when Alfonz came home two nights ago and said, ‘I will have 3 days to figure out our new camera when we are on the ferry down the Inside Passage, taking shots as we go.’  A bell went off in my head. He won’t have the spectacular shots he hope for, of an animal on the coast, or a whale in the water a few hundred yards away because you really need a powerful zoom.
PowerShot SX30 IS comes into the picture! Happy father’s day my lovely. This camera has a 15- 800 zoom capability, that’s 35X zoom and then the digital kicks in for even more (although it isn’t the same quality). For an extra $399 instead of $9000 attachment lens for my camera that you would have to carry around, over 1 1/2′ long), I bought the auto Canon for that one purpose. Also it is light and convenient for exactly this type of cruise ship vacation. Imagine a bike ride or a canal boat ride, and quickly grabbing it for the day. Perfect addition to our underwater camera and our Rebel.

That’s Hamori!

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