How do I pick a Blog Background?

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How do you pick a background image for your website?

How do you pick a banner photo? For our banner we simple have our name. Eventually we will some sort of logo for That’s Hamori!

I haven’t given our background much thought up until now, truth be told. Recently we have been asked this question while building websites for friend’s small businesses and after contemplating the answer and asking my fellow blogging peeps, here are a few ideas we came up with.

If you visit That’s Hamori and the background looks a little different, we are trying out a variety of images for the site.

#1 Represent 

In the beginning we used a photo from Alfonz’s Alaska trip. To me it showed our adventurous side, and our love of travel. The picture has a bright star shaped sun spot on it as the photo was taken head-on towards the sun.

Not the most technical photo yet it shows how we live our life. Sun on our face, enjoying the outdoors, rushing through life, noisy family…

The photo was a moment in time where the river was rushing down the mountain, moving the stones as it goes and they made quite the racket.

We picked the picture and it has been up for almost 8 months. Time for a change? Will see!

#2 Changing Background 

As new residents in France, our family is just starting out, making baby steps towards settling in.

We learn the language, familiarize ourselves with the surroundings, and our background photo should reflect the new life we are starting.

Our first rose bloom from our French garden was an appropriate choice for where we are in our journey.

It looks like a traditional painting from a time passed, almost unreal, too good to be true. Exactly how we were feeling last night on our deck, sipping wine, enjoying the last rays of sunshine before the stars came out.

Feeling, how lucky are we?


#3 The Perfect Picture

However we are on the lookout for the perfect photo that represents our new life in France. A picture that you know is French at first glance. A symbolic shot of warm tradition, rich colour and our family’s personality intertwined. Big order, we might be looking awhile!

This picture was snapped at the end of fall when we first arrived in Capestang, France.

So taken by the plane trees along the roads and the canal, I took hundreds of snaps and this is my favourite so far.

This photo represents a journey, the winding life we lead, and the possibilities of where it can take us.


#4 Play Around

Don’t be afraid to play around with your background picture. Try different photos, explore your albums and play around with tone, colours, size and editing, until you find the one that is a good overall fit that represents the message you are trying to say with your blog.

#5 Ask

The best sources of information on feedback for your blog are your friends. Friends tell the truth, and if the photo is not quite right they will let you know.

Example: the flower I have on now, a wee bit too girlie for our male readers!

I will be changing up the photo until we settle on the ‘ONE’. Feel free to comment on your pick!

How to pick a background image was far more difficult than I thought!

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